Random Musing

This section is a little of this and that. I have not been able to provide a total listing of this category in this section. You can find the full listing under categories on the right hand side of the blog. Thanks for stopping by!

Pandemic Daze:A World Without Crowds A World Without Crowds
Pandemic Daze
Bringing Reub Back to the Swimming HoleRandom Musing: 2018 Highlights
Random Musing: Bike to Work (hell)
A Sad Day: The World Says Goodbye to Anthony Bourdain
Random Musing: The Beauty of Vietnam
Random Musing: The Plant Artist
Random Musing: Spring
Random Musing: Chance Encounters
Random Musing: 2016 My Grateful Life

Random Musing: Sisterly Laughcapades

Random Musing: On Cynicism

The Sweetness of 2015 

Postcard Fiction: Meyer Got the Fuzzies

Twenty_Five Things 2013

Minutiae #1 – Happiness

Minutiae #2: The Important of Red Beads

Minutiae #3 Opera Man

Minutiae #4 – Little Friends and Swimming Pools

Minutiae #5 Choices
Minutiae #6: The Incredible Lightness of Been

Minutiae #7: Yari

Minutiae #8 London Street Art

Minutiae #9 Flanders Fields

Minutiae #10 A Brother and Sister Go Bike Riding

Minutiae #11 The CBC and Why I Love It

Minutiae #12 – It was the best of times
Minutiae #13 Rascals and Angels – When Your Feet Tell You to Jump
How Fiction Writers and Poets Can Save the World

Minutiae #14 Of Rice Paddies and Likely Friendships

Minutiae #15 The Piano Recital

Minutiae #16 The Social Awkwardness of Being Childless

Minutiae #17 On Love and Life Boats

Minutiae #18 Heroes

Beautiful ResilienceThe Accidental Life

The Heat of Summer – Running Through Storms with My Mom

These Wild Things

Moods: Variation II

What You Don’t Know About Food, Water and Energy – National Geographic

The Substantialness of a Woman’s Best Friend

The Difference Between Canada and the US: It’s All in the Pour

The Altar of Love

iWorry – Say NO to Ivory

The Re-invented Me – Urban Deck Gardener and Plant Rescuer

So You Think You’re Covered So You Think You’re Covered: The Insurance Industry Rip-off by my sister the gallant horse rider!

The Torture of Indecision: To Skate or Not to Skate That is the Question

Tulips and Glory for the Lady in Apartment 301

It’s Not Necessary to Climb Everest

Local and Organic Delivered to Your Door

My 2012 List of Great Things 

The incredible Gifts of Reuben

VConversations With My Sisters: Buy a Cell Phone So We Can End this Drought!

Smaller Than a Postcard Fiction: The Single Bed

First Music: Frank Zappa, Allman Brothers, Led Zeppelin, Steve Goodman

On Chance Encounters With Strangers and Fleeting FriendshipIt’s a Busy Life, Isn’t It?

My Bras Are Older than Most Dogs Grow to Be T

The Irony of a Beautiful Morning

The Incredible Reuben

My Brother-in-law Jim

My Ecological Footprint: Eek! I Need 3 More Earths!

The Heat of Summer – Escaping a Summer Storm with My Mom

Scentuals “Naked”

The Best Things Just Happen by Accident

The Cat is Out of the Bag. I Am a Happy Wanderer

My Hands Are My HeartDo I Really Want a Dog? (Read Before Diving In)

The Accidental Life 

Saving Your Relationship One Room at a Time!

Jenna McCarthy: What You Don’t Know About Marriage – TedTalks

This Toaster Oven is Evil

Reflections on Death and Other Stuff

Beautiful Resilience

The Story of Birdie and How He Was Almost Saved By a Spatula

My Dubious Relationship With Technology (and Other Things)

In Memory of a Good Friend: Saying Goodbye to Little Tee

I Am A Hockey Primate AfterallUBC Hospice Controversy

Sad Songs That Push You Over the Edge to Emotional Ruination

When I Grow Up I’m Going to Be??

The Ultimate Dog Tease Video: This is seriously fabulous.

Restrepo: Tim Hetherington &Sebastian Junger

The Vancouver Bike Lane Nazi (also extremely entertaining video)

Inside the Gullible MindJapanese Indestructible Underwear

101 Ways to Torture Your HusbandIntergalactic Travel

The things I love about ReubenSo Long Canada West

Saving Your Relationship One Room at a TimeSad Songs

The Altar of LoveMy Hands Are My Heart

PAWS: Three Lovelies Find a Forever Home

The Four Tribes of Climate Change (via the Tyee) 

Conversations with My Mother: On Saying Goodbye


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