Scentuals – “Naked” – Best things happen just by accident

Scentuals “Naked”

You guys are all probably thinking I’m writing about something quite naughty here, aren’t you? In fact, I’m writing about one of my not-so secret obsessions – skin cream, hand cream, lotions, potions, dreamy cream, anything that I can lather on my weather-beaten hands once described by a Japanese woman in a beauty shop as the hands of an “old, old, old, old woman”. Truthfully,  I think she could have stopped at just “old” and I would have gotten the point.

Like all great products this one just leapt out at me at Save-On Foods. That’s right, Save-On Foods. There it was with a big orange sticker announcing it’s extremely tempting sale price of $6.99. Very alluring for a cheap Dutch person such as myself. What’s more, it promised all natural ingredients – and even better,  when I applied the all natural cream over my “old, old, old, old” hands – they looked almost instantly just “old”.  I couldn’t resist. So I bought it and then went back and got another larger jar because I have this morbid fear that I am going to find the true magical dream cream and it is going to disappear. Poof and then I’m back to square one with the “old, old, old, old” hands. I  can’t bear the thought.  Anyways, I looked this company up and it appears that they really do use all natural simple ingredients and that if Save-On no longer carries the product I can simply order it online. Thank god for living in modern times.



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3 responses to “Scentuals – “Naked” – Best things happen just by accident

  1. Ron

    Yes, your title did get my attention.

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