The Cat Is Out of the Bag. I Am A Happy Wanderer

As if to prove a point to yesterday’s poll asking what kind of traveller you are – today’s travels to Sacramento with my boss for a conference once and for all settles what kind of traveller I am. As if there was ever any doubt!

When my boss told me we had to be at the airport at 5:30 am for a 7:00 am flight, my mind immediately auto adjusted to “I’ll be there at 6:00. 5:30 is far too ambitious.”

So I arrived (after surviving a rather harrowing cab ride wherein my crazed driver kept all the windows open for the entire ride for no apparent reason and talked about donkeys spontaneously bleeding in high arid temperatures) at 5:50 am when I discovered I had buried my itinerary somewhere in the bowels of my suitcase. I dug it out realizing I had no idea what airline we were booked on. After unloading undies and unmentionables on the airport floor, I located my itinerary and started my leisurely stroll to the counter. En route I saw my boss who for some reason was not allowed into the US and had been battling various authorities since the early hours when he had arrived.

He looked at me and suggested I sprint to the counter because check-in closes an hour before departure. So I sprinted only to discover a massive lineup.

Damn – who would have guessed that almost the entire world travels before 6:00 am!

I was called to the front of the line where I quickly discovered that I had forgotten my reading glasses and therefore was obliged to hold my form up to the (now) very stern counter clerk – so she could read out each itsy bitsy box that needed to be filled out to pass through US customs.

Thank god I can really hustle when necessary because by the time I made it through the scanner, got swabbed, removed belt, shoes and god knows what else…. I really had very little time to spare. So shake my booty I did.

Meanwhile back at the ranch – there is no sign of my boss – his British passport causes him no end of trouble. After all his excellent planning and preparation he only just made it on to the flight! The moral of the story? Do what you need to do. You’ll get there one way or another! Or not:)


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