This Toaster Oven is Evil

Just when I’ve mastered our toaster we get a Toaster Oven – that magical thing that combines a toaster and you guessed it – an oven. Today the Toaster Oven burned my toast. Yesterday it didn’t toast it at all. The day before I baked it by mistake.  I have received numerous lessons on how to use the Toaster Oven and on Toaster Oven Best Practices – all of which have gone in one ear and out the other.

You see the Toaster Oven is like every other gadget or mechanical thing in my  life. I am genetically predetermined to not enjoy good relationships with most mechanical, digital, devices including screwdrivers, hammers, BBQ’s, tents, all IKEA furniture, stereo equipment when that was still around, and especially TV’s with more than one remote or any remote at all for that matter.  Most of my iPhone remains a mystery except for texting which I’ve picked up with a passion probably because it has something to do with talking. Right now I would like to have a piece of toast but with my luck I’ll set the house on fire so I’ll sit on my couch and have a tete a tete with my mother who is god knows where and discuss why exactly she passed that dreaded chromosome on to me.



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2 responses to “This Toaster Oven is Evil

  1. Love this. You made me laugh early in the morning. I have the same relationship with computers (they die on me within two years). XO

  2. hahahaha. Oh Tessa, this made me laugh a lot. I have terrible spacial relations, which typically leads me to just shoving things into places, or not being able to fix anything that requires delicacy. So, I feel you as I have my own special condition 🙂

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