iWorry – Say NO to Ivory

Stop-Ivory-FB-banner-iworryI was listening to an interview with Bill Maher the other day and  he said something that felt true for me as well. I care about a lot of things but the thing that gives me a visceral, deep in my heart feeling of abject sorrow is the fate of animals and how vulnerable they are. Their utter dependence on human beings for their welfare makes happy when it works and extremely miserable when it  doesn’t. It burns  me.

I don’t usually use my blog as  a platform for my views but time is short it’s important to speak out. And because life is non-sensical my deep empathy goes for this particular cause. The hunting of elephants for their tusks. No need to go into details, but if we don’t actually voice our collective opinions the elephant population will be have been hunted to extinction in a handful of years.

The iWorry campaign was launched byKristin Davis, patron of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, won the Human Society’s prestigious Wyler Award in 2011 in recognition of the media attention she had brought to the plight of elephants and the threat of the illegal ivory trade. On Friday 28th September, she launched the brand new DSWT campaign iWorry at the charity’s first ever gala dinner in London.

Kristin introduced the campaign to the 220 guests attending the prestigious event, and encouraged everyone to join her in standing up to elephants and saying NO to the ivory trade in order to help protect wild elephants for future generations.

Kristin Davis shared her passion for conserving wildlife and her speech raised awareness of the escalating problem of ivory poaching. She encouraged everyone to add their voice to the DSWT iWorry campaign, to help encourage the UK’s DEFRA representatives to CITES to vote against any movement to allow the legal sale of ivory stockpiles at any time.

IT IS EASY TO RAISE YOUR VOICE AND CONCERN: there are a variety of things you can do but raising awareness is critical. If you go to this page you can find out how to get involved. They have prepared a letter you can send to the chinese ambassador in your country. All you do is COPY, PASTE, to the ambassador and SEND. Tell your friends and ask people to follow through.

Please share this blog post, the iWorry link or tell this story to your animal loving friends.




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