In Memory of a Good Friend: Saying Goodbye to Little Tee

In Memory of Little Tee

I had to say goodbye to a good friend recently. She was a little something that arrived on my doorstep 7 years ago with her owner, Dave. When Dave moved in, he arrived with all his worldly belongings which was a backpack and noisy 7 pound black cat, he called Little Tee.

I fretted and fussed about Little Tee moving in because I thought she might terrorize my 80 pound dog and my 18 pound cat Olive. And in the unlikely case that didn’t happen, Reuben and Olive would definitely try and kill her. I saw blood and fur everywhere. As it turned out, my elaborate animal segregation/re-integration plans which I had been preparing for weeks were completely unnecessary. You see Little Tee lived life her way.

She didn’t like to be held and fussed over but she did love to explore. And that’s exactly what she did. She walked in, ignored the room I had set aside for her and investigated every nook and cranny of the house. Reuben and Olive stood aside as she parted the holy waters. And that’s just how Tee was. She didn’t have a cowardly bone in her tiny body. When we moved to the North Shore, she immediately discovered that the balcony was a path to new adventures and friends. When she met Sylvia our neighbour, she moved in part of the time. We joked that Little liked the bacon breakfasts over there better.

There was only one thing that Little loved better than exploring the world and that was Dave. No matter where he was in the house, Little was never far away. By his head, on his chest, always, close. You see, they were fellow travellers long before I ever came along.

As anyone who is an animal lover understands, animals are the greatest cure for our heartaches and our sadnesses. And Little Tee, who truly didn’t have a mean bone in her body, epitomized that purity of unconditional, sweet love. It didn’t take me long to love her. I was never her number one because that was occupied by Dave, but she was a good friend, and an important and lovely part of our family. She is what I would call a real sweetheart. It’s crazy how a little tiny animal can make your house feel so full and now so empty.



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2 responses to “In Memory of a Good Friend: Saying Goodbye to Little Tee

  1. Hugs to both you and Dave. Having just been through this, I know how hard it is to let a furry friend go, especially one that sounds like a sweetie and a character like Little Tee.

    We still talk about Minnie all the time,and her pictures are on our fridge. I don’t think that little one will ever leave my heart. And I think that’s kind of nice. That they always have this place with you and with your family, even after they are long gone.

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