The Sweetness of 2015

I’m a “taking stock” kind of person. The last two weeks of the year I’m asking questions, poking around here and there and wanting to know how people feel about their lives, what they’ve done, what they’ve regretted, achieved, loved, heart breaks, heart aches, successes, failures, what they hope for in the coming year. You can ask Dave, I kill him with questions but I think it’s important so the reflection is worth it:)

So these are some of things I hold dear to my heart lest I forget:

  1. Being shortlisted for an international award for my sustainability program. Working with businesses both large and small is both the most thankless and most gratifying work you can imagine.There are some many companies rocking this space – they’re taking it on because they have passion, drive and ingenuity and those people give me hope.
  2. Losing in Italy at a palace whilst drinking prosecco and wearing a party dress. There is truly no better place to lose.
  3. Coming home.
  4. Talking to my brother on the phone every morning except when he’s too busy and hangs up on me to go eat a shwarma.
  5. Having Savannah (my lovely niece), my sisters and my brother on speed dial and phoning one after the other if they don’t answer quickly enough.
  6. Seeing my niece (Savannah) thinking and feeling her way to growing up.
  7. Watching my sister Jokelee taking on the insurance world. She’s fierce and lovely and we all know it.
  8. Reconnecting with my brother Chris and getting sweet texts from him.  Because life really is too short.
  9. Doing nothing. I think I perfected it this year. Doing nothing in Kelowna with Dave and Bean. Doing more of nothing at our house.
  10. Doing nothing. When I do nothing I seem to be able to think and feel better.
  11. Joining my sister Mia’s Mudderella team and having good old fashioned fun with a bunch of ladies.
  12. Post Mudderella party animal time. Yes, that’s right. I said ‘party animal’ because we were and who does that any more? But we did and I loved it.
  13. Reading books.
  14. Making time to read books.
  15. Finding breathtaking lines and images in books.
  16. Thinking about what people wrote.
  17. Dave’s art show.
  18. Dave’s art.
  19. Dave growing as an artist.
  20. Joffre Lake hike.
  21. Guilting my brother into stopping here before he and his wife go to Asia. I’ll use that more often.
  22. Elephants elephants elephants elephants. I love them. It makes no sense. But I love them. I’ll fight until it’s done. They’ve opened up my eyes to so much of the world. I love them.
  23. Animals.
  24. Gito my beautiful new adoptee.
  25. People who inspire me are the doers. My animal advocate community. What an amazing and brave group of people.
  26. Writers.I had so little time to read for awhile this year and all of a sudden I realized I was DYING and that I needed them.
  27. The amazing people whom I never expected to come to the march but did. And I was undone by it.
  28. Overcoming my fear of public speaking.
  29. Overcoming many fears.
  30. Feeling more strongly than ever the desire to get things done.
  31. Writing.
  32. Dave.
  33. My dog Bean.
  34. Olive? 🙂
  35. My friends. My family.
  36. Finding a hairdresser I can have a fun and sensible relationship with.
  37. Meeting new people.
  38. Dave.
  39. Life. I’m grateful.

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