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The Sentimentalists by Johanna Skibsrud: A book review

I can’t imagine two first-time novels being more different than The Bone Cage and Johanna Skibsrud’s Giller Prize winner The Sentimentalists. The former relies heavily on the meat and potatoes of narrative writing while the latter delivers a slow evocative story with beautiful, lyrical passages that pause (sometimes endlessly) on details that don’t often advance the story.

Johanna Skibrud clearly lends her poetic talents to this thoughtful exploration of the impact of war and memory on family and the isolation it creates in generations that come long after the war is over.

Napoleon Haskell is an American Vietnam war veteran who leaves his North Dakota trailer home and moves to Casablanca, Ontario to live with Henry, the father of his best friend Owen, who died under mysterious circumstances during the war. His grown, daughter, whose own life is at a crossroads, goes to spend the summer with her father and Henry at the old house where she had spent many summers as a child. Continue reading


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Fontaine Sante Hummus: The Best Commercial Hummus on the Planet.

Those of you who know me, know the love affair I have with hummus. Particularly the hummus that my mediterranean friends make over on Commercial Drive . Well, I’ve tasted a new hummus that is rivalling the love I have for my Mediterranean friend’s fresh homemade hummus (which trust me is amazing).

The hummus that has recently captured my interest is mass- produced.  I know. Gasp. But it’s true. I first tried it when I was in Ontario visiting this summer. I bought it at Loblaw‘s and Planet Organic. I travelled home with four containers knowing full well they would be gone by the end of the week.

I looked high and low in Vancouver and the only place I found it was Planet Organic way over in Coquitlam. I had to drive all the way from North Van to the bowels of Coquitlam to get my Fontaine Sante Traditional hummus. Sacre Coeur. What makes this hummus so special? Who knows because at the end of the day every hummus is pretty much made of the exact same thing so it’s anyone’s guess why they all turn out so differently. But I have tried and have also made a least a hundred different varieties of hummus and this is without question the best.

It strikes a perfect balance of flavours with a certain piquant I’m not sure what but it’s delicious. This hummus dominates.  Due to love of local I’ll always buy from my guy on Commercial but if I come across this anywhere I’ll buy it and I’ll buy lots.


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