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A New Bra At Last

For those of you have followed the story of my Indestructible Japanese Underwear and how my bras are older than most dogs grow to be, you’ll  be happy to know that I have finally bought a new bra.  It’s been 10 years but I finally did it. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to, it’s just that I find it close to impossible to do. The problem is that I’m thrifty.  Unless I absolutely have to, I won’t cave. For the last two years though, I have been on the hunt for new undergarments. Dave drags me into stores and points. I look, shake my head and leave. I realize now, it’s not just that I’m cheap but I really find that things have to talk to me. Out of the thousands of bras and sizes and racks one bra has to stand out and say “Buy Me”.

I went into Canadian Superstore the other day to buy dog biscuits. I took a short cut through ladies underthings and out of the millions of items there one little purple bra stood out. There it was in all it’s glory. Purple, sassy, cute. I grabbed it, looked at the size, miraculously it was my size, saw the $8.98 price tag and I understood at once that my partner for the next 10 years was right in my hands.

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