Japanese Indestructible Underwear

Tessa: While Dave is off having adventures, I’ve been holding down the fort with the help of my Japanese Indestructible Underwear. There’s nothing like a piece of clothing to give you the fortitude to get through life. Friday at work was going to be a long day so I knew I was going to have to have some extra support so I went off to work wearing my Indestructibles. And you know when the going got tough and the Gravlax was giving us all the big finger and you wanted to take the dish and turf it out the window for a visit with the bobcat, I thought about my Indestructibles which have been with me for 15 years. Say what you will about Japanese products but they have staying power like nothing else. I bought them when I lived in Japan and have had them ever since. Two pairs. These days they’re pretty much retired and only called on for very special occasions like Friday. Yet like Rosie, Agatha and Salad, they have a kind of spark and durability that I admire. So screw all the crappy products that fall apart after one wash. These babies are like new and like all my other ladies they give me power!


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