My Bras Are Older Than Most Dogs Grow to Be

Tessa: This weekend I am going shopping for bras. Why? Because my husband is begging me to. He says he can’t stand it anymore. I’m not sure what he can’t stand. The greyish blue colour formerly known as white, the missing underwires or the fact that they’re lumpy. By “they” I of course mean the two that I own.  I’m afraid I’m one of “them” meaning one of those people who is too cheap to want to spend money on underwear or bathing suits.

Those of you who have read my blog entry on my “indestructible Japanese underwear” will know that I’m loyal to a fault to my undergarments. It’s been 18 years for those guys and 13 for the my bras. My niece Savannah says my bras are older than most dogs grow to be. She has a point. Truthfully though. It’s not like I haven’t tried to shop for new ones. I have but I can’t figure out where to start looking. I’m befuddled by all the brand names: Triumph, New Woman, Playtex…and well whatever the others are which I can’t name because I don’t know any. I hate all the sizes and colours but mainly I hate the price tag.

I used to try and get away with buying bras in the children’s section but that hasn’t worked in quite awhile. So I’m setting out once again on a mission to find new bras. Plus I have to go for my skin cancer check-up again and I can’t bare having my elegant dermatologist see me in my lumpy bra.



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3 responses to “My Bras Are Older Than Most Dogs Grow to Be

  1. 13 years! Holy moly!

    You could always shop online. I’ve had good luck at Good luck!

  2. Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for stopping by. Yes, thirteen years….tragic isn’t it? I think I might try maidenform. I truthfully get completely overwhelmed whenever I go in a store and then I just walk out empty-handed. Thanks for the tip!

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