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Edgar Rosee: Extraordinary Talent in Ordinary People You Happen to Meet on the Street

Edgar Rosee

Edgar Rosee

Yesterday we went to Pigeon Park and served hot baked potatoes and all the fixin’s to those in need. My friend Susan has been a Potato Head for a while and this was our first outing with the collection of friends and colleagues who gather monthly to serve potatoes. After we were finished a group of us walked back to our cars carrying our coolers that had earlier kept the baked potatoes warm.

We were delayed getting into our  cars because there was a protest taking place to bring awareness to the plight of women in the Downtown Eastsideand particularly to the issue of affordable and safe housing.  Verna Simard had died under suspicious circumstances the day before, the anniversary of another woman who had died a violent death the year before.

While we stood around waiting and chatting, a man walked by and noticed Dave’s vintage (well, I say vintage but what I really mean is old) cooler. He took one look at it and said , “This needs to be painted. What’s your favourite animal?” “Wolf”, Dave said. This guy dropped his artist’s portfolio, pulled out a tube of paint and a brush and created this on the cooler.
I am in awe of people who can create something beautiful so spontaneously and with such ease.  All in all, my whole experience of that day working with friends, meeting new friends and sharing a beautiful life moment just made me feel incredibly full and rich. It was a great day. I believe the artist’s name was Edgar Rose (actually Rosee with an accent on it).



So here’s to new experiences. And great art.

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Because I love lists… 25 more things about Rosie


1. loves Dancing with the Stars.

2. loves attention.

3. loves to dance.

4. met her best friend Aggie in high school in Holland. They still are best friends.

5. and Aggie sing Dutch songs together and talk about how Aggie met her Canadian husband after liberation in a dance hall.

6. used to roller skate with her girlfriends.

7. loves to cook.

8. loves President‘s Choice Apple Blossoms.

9. loves to walk with her head up to the sky humming as she goes along.

10. values her independence.

11. gave up on marriage.

12. has cancer.

13. likes going to the movies.

14. said wow many times while watching Avatar with me and Dave.

15. wore a pretty red shirt and lipstick when Dave arrived.

16. can be very particular about things in her house.

17. used to like being alone but doesn’t anymore.

18. is a flirt.

19. can be very sweet and funny.

20. can be very direct in an uncomfortable way.

21. loves shopping.

22. is friends with Dave.

23. loves watching sports on TV.

24. having fun.

25. really digs her purple socks.

26. can’t stand Olive our cat (but she doesn’t really know her well enough.)

27. loves her children.

28. can’t buy enough hand bags.

29. thinks Obama is very cool.

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