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When I Grow Up I’m Going To Be…???


When I was a little girl I thought I would grow up to be a princess but in retrospect I realize this was more my mother ‘s dream than mine.  It also became clear that she was the only one who thought I was princess material. My brothers and sisters were repulsed by the  notion of ‘me as princess’ and actively discouraged it with various techniques known to families as ‘sibling torture’. This was enough to convince me to pursue another course so I chose the next best thing to princess which was that I would become a ‘stewardess’.  The position seemed to have a kind of elegant gravitas that I was drawn to and my mother told me it was almost the same thing as being part of the ‘jetset’ as she called it.


But then reality set in and I realized that being a stewardess required flying and serving others neither of which suited my disposition. I suffered from terrible motion sickness and preferred being served rather than serving.


So I set my sights with my mother’s approval on becoming a ‘dancer/actress/ movie star’. Why not?. I enrolled in ballet class, took theatre in high school and auditioned for every theatre production possible.But the best laid plans are often put to rest when no real talent exists and when  Mrs. Gigg’s, my ballet teacher,  sunk her treacherous, spidery hands into my ample waistline and declared (loudly)  to the class that I was ‘doughy’., my dreams flew out the window.So  I picked myself off the floor and eagerly set my sites on the role of ‘serious actress’. Continue reading


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It Gets Better: Dan and Terry

This is a video that a friend posted on facebook. Dan Savage and his partner Terry  are featured in this video talking about the trials and tribulations of surviving high school as gay youth.  This project is intended to reach out to LGBT youth who are bullied and to help them believe that life can and does get better. It Gets Better is really sweet. Pass it on.

“If you’re gay or lesbian or bi or trans, and you’ve ever read about a kid like Billy Lucas and thought, “Fuck, I wish I could’ve told him that it gets better,” this is your chance. We can’t help Billy, but there are lots of other Billys out there—other despairing LGBT kids who are being bullied and harassed, kids who don’t think they have a future—and we can help them….”

READ MORE about the It Gets Better Project, in Savage Love, here: http://bit.ly/bYtxBd

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Because I love lists… 25 more things about Rosie


1. loves Dancing with the Stars.

2. loves attention.

3. loves to dance.

4. met her best friend Aggie in high school in Holland. They still are best friends.

5. and Aggie sing Dutch songs together and talk about how Aggie met her Canadian husband after liberation in a dance hall.

6. used to roller skate with her girlfriends.

7. loves to cook.

8. loves President‘s Choice Apple Blossoms.

9. loves to walk with her head up to the sky humming as she goes along.

10. values her independence.

11. gave up on marriage.

12. has cancer.

13. likes going to the movies.

14. said wow many times while watching Avatar with me and Dave.

15. wore a pretty red shirt and lipstick when Dave arrived.

16. can be very particular about things in her house.

17. used to like being alone but doesn’t anymore.

18. is a flirt.

19. can be very sweet and funny.

20. can be very direct in an uncomfortable way.

21. loves shopping.

22. is friends with Dave.

23. loves watching sports on TV.

24. having fun.

25. really digs her purple socks.

26. can’t stand Olive our cat (but she doesn’t really know her well enough.)

27. loves her children.

28. can’t buy enough hand bags.

29. thinks Obama is very cool.

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