A woman of a certain age needs purple boots and good wine

I’ve decided that I’m going to start embracing nicer things in life.  Maybe it’s part of the overall grieving process but life really is short and it feels good to eat great food, drink good wine and own an outrageous pair of expensive purple boots. I’ve always been a bit of a scrimper and a saver (still am) and I’ve never been averse to partaking in a glass of boxed wine here and there (okay regularly) but I was inspired by the Whole Foods Online Wine Tasting and have decided to expand my wine universe.

For no other reason than the label caught my eye and the description below the wine described it as having a full bodied taste with hints of blackberry and chocolate with a dash of vanilla. $22.95 for Seven Oaks 2008 J. Lohr Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon. Now that’s expensive for a cheapskate like me. But as part of my new life credo I bit the bullet and brought it home to enjoy along with  Diane Clement’s macaroni gratin we made last night.

Now there is no question that I’m a wine rookie. So what did my unseasoned taste buds tell me? Ohmigod. It was exactly as described. Will I drink it again? Absolutely. Next will be Valley of the Moon Syrah. Thanks life for treating me so well.



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2 responses to “A woman of a certain age needs purple boots and good wine

  1. princess #3

    Ok I’m making the gratin this week – perfect for this weather. With a great vino tinto of course. Once again, you’ve inspired this reluctant cook to get busy in the kitchen. Princess #3 –

    • Another good wine we tried is called The Musician. It’s from California. A bit more affordable than the J. Lohr cab sav we had the other night…(I should say…that I had the other night:) The gratin is delicious!

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