My first (online)wine tasting with Whole Foods

Well, I’m quite excited. I went with my Whole Foods wine tasting list to my local liquor store to purchase a bottle for the tasting. I’m sticking with red this time around mainly because Dave prefers red to white. Out of the 5 bottles of red selected the only one they had was HeculA Monastrell Bodegas Castano. Most of the wines on the list are in the $20 range so I was thrilled to discover that this one was under $15.00. The lady at the liquor store said this wine was one of the ‘best kept secrets’. I’m very excited. It’s breathing right now and so am I:)

Go to the TweetChat room set up for this event ( to tweet directly. Taste, tweet and follow along with Whole Foods Market wine buyers and other wine enthusiasts at @WFMWine and #WFMWine.@WFMWine and #WFMWine


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