25 Things

1. My favourite TV shows are Modern Family and Dexter.
2. My favourite movie of all time is The Sound of Music.
3. I have a lot of brothers and sisters.
4.I have 4 nieces.
5. I am 5″4″ and something but I tell everyone that I am 5″6″.
6. I like to wear platforms whenever possible.
7. I am married to an amazing person who makes me laugh almost every single day of my life.
8. We were married on August 27th 5 years ago.
9. My mother has terminal cancer.
10. My hair colour is mousey brown but on good days I tell people it’s caramel.
11. I would like to learn to speak Spanish.
12. I have a dog called Reuben that I love almost as much as Dave.
13. I have a brother who has the same silly sense of humour as me.
14. I love to read great books.
15. I have a shoe problem.
16. My brother has 3 very handsome boys who are all some kind of version of himself.
17. My sister and I are becoming friends.
18. I have accepted things and try and enjoy every single bit of life right now as much as I can.
19. My mother Rosie cracks me up and makes me crazy all at the same time. But mainly she cracks me up.
20. I sometimes think that being an immigrant even if you immigrated a long time ago can still create isolation.
21. My mother-in-law is an amazingly generous person who frequently helps me to set the record straight.
22. I have learned generosity from other people.
23. I don’t eat meat.
24. Sometimes to avoid argument or repitition of arguments I tell people I don’t eat meat for health reasons. Well that’s a lie. I don’t eat it out of compassion for animals.
25. I love animals.
26. I worry about the world but do very little about it.
27. The best day ever is with Dave especially if we’re going bike riding or to the El Salvadoran place I love like crazy.
28. This is no longer 25 things.
29. I am the owner of a crazy head of hair.



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7 responses to “25 Things

  1. Dee

    First off…The Sound of Music – I love it when the Mother Superior says to Julie Andrews…”What is it you can’t face”…however the pronunciation is much, much different… As for Dexter, well we both know, Dexter rules!

    Yes, you got one crazy head of hair, but you’re definitely 5′ 6″, or at least you always have been to me. You’ve got a great dog, a great Dave, a great sense of humor, and definitely one great big heart. I know you don’t eat meat ‘cos you love animals, but seriously, it’s okay to say that.

    I’m so sorry about Rosie, and I know that mostly she cracks you up…in the words of Rosie…”Accchhh, too many apes”!

    We must get together again soon to discuss more favorite things!

    • Tessa

      When does the new season of Dexter start? I can’t wait to be scared senseless again.
      Thanks. I AM 5″6′. I don’t know if you remember those black boots I had that had such ginormous heels I literally tipped forward. Yes, let’s catch up soon.

  2. Tessa! Fancy-pants new design! I love your list of things (I love lists). I don’t love #9. The Sound of Music is the best ever. You should come and read with us.

    Oh yeah, I miss you!

  3. Tessa

    Thanks! I didn’t want a new design but all of a sudden ‘cutline’ wasn’t available again. Plus wordpress has all these new awesome share features! Not sure if I’ll keep this one but it’s good for now.

    My friend just went and did the Sound o Music tour in Austria. I’ve now added that to my top 5 things to do in my life.
    #9 does indeed suck.
    Hey, tried to click through to “us”…..you have a reading group?

    • Yeah…try this link – thegreatbookchallenge.blogspot.com since the other one sucks apparently!

      I’m pretty sure my parents did the Sound of Music tour a few years ago – I really want to do it…even it’s totally cheesy!

  4. Janice

    I’ve been on that Sound of Music tour and it’s fun. I remember it being long because they drive you out to that HILL she sings on!

    Good list.

    #9 sucks big fat ones.

    Hey, I’m doing something very special for you birthday this year. I know it’s a big one.
    I’m going to Hawaii!


  5. Jen Fyffe

    # 20 – I agree…when you immigrate at age 33 to a place without family, you leave behind all the keepers of your shared memories. The new people don’t know you as a child or share your teenage years. As you age songs, smells and conversations randomly pop into your head, and wander the quiet of you mind without warning. Suddenly you are reminscing about a time and place that no one around you remembers, and you have to make long phone calls to Europe to satisfy the memory.

    I am sorry about Rosie, I have enjoyed her so much through you…which of course is where she will now live forever.

    Lets have drinks soon,

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