25 Things about Rosie

1. My mother was born in Holland.
2. She was a young girl during the war.
3. She biked to the country side to get food from farms.
4. She was very naughty.
5. She kicked her teacher (a catholic nun) and gave her a nervous breakdown.
6. She has curly hair and brown eyes.
7. She was married twice.
8. She can be very funny.
9. She has spark.
10. My mother is 84 and can talk knowledgeably about Lady Gaga, Jay-z and other cultural icons.
11. She likes Bob Dylan but says he has dirty fingernails. I didn’t know she looked so hard.
12. She is addicted to television.
13. She can be very critical.
14. She says what she thinks.
15. Sometimes she shouldn’t say what she thinks.
16. Thanks to my sister she has recently discovered Starbuck’s tall non-fat lattes.
17. Tall non-fat latte’s are motivation enough for her to get out of the house.
18. She carries dog bones in her car to win the affection of animals around the world.
19. She loves Malls.
20. She thought Kits was great but that it needed a Walmart to be perfect.
21. She was able to sing an entire Beatles song the other day that I didn’t even know that she knew.
22. When I see pictures of her when she was young she always dressed like an elegant lady.
23. She cut all the fringes off her mother’s rug which made her mother very angry.
24. She loved her sister Nell.
25. She is a Dutchwoman.
26. She plays the harmonica.
27. She gave me the space between my teeth


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