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25 Things

1. My favourite TV shows are Modern Family and Dexter.
2. My favourite movie of all time is The Sound of Music.
3. I have a lot of brothers and sisters.
4.I have 4 nieces.
5. I am 5″4″ and something but I tell everyone that I am 5″6″.
6. I like to wear platforms whenever possible.
7. I am married to an amazing person who makes me laugh almost every single day of my life.
8. We were married on August 27th 5 years ago.
9. My mother has terminal cancer.
10. My hair colour is mousey brown but on good days I tell people it’s caramel.
11. I would like to learn to speak Spanish.
12. I have a dog called Reuben that I love almost as much as Dave.
13. I have a brother who has the same silly sense of humour as me.
14. I love to read great books.
15. I have a shoe problem.
16. My brother has 3 very handsome boys who are all some kind of version of himself.
17. My sister and I are becoming friends.
18. I have accepted things and try and enjoy every single bit of life right now as much as I can.
19. My mother Rosie cracks me up and makes me crazy all at the same time. But mainly she cracks me up.
20. I sometimes think that being an immigrant even if you immigrated a long time ago can still create isolation.
21. My mother-in-law is an amazingly generous person who frequently helps me to set the record straight.
22. I have learned generosity from other people.
23. I don’t eat meat.
24. Sometimes to avoid argument or repitition of arguments I tell people I don’t eat meat for health reasons. Well that’s a lie. I don’t eat it out of compassion for animals.
25. I love animals.
26. I worry about the world but do very little about it.
27. The best day ever is with Dave especially if we’re going bike riding or to the El Salvadoran place I love like crazy.
28. This is no longer 25 things.
29. I am the owner of a crazy head of hair.



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