My anti-candida no dairy, no wheat, no gluten, no sugar no nothing diet update

Since the end of February this year I have been working with my naturopathic doctor Stephanie Trenciansky to help alleviate my chronic stomach issues. I already was a non-meat eater and a non-gluten eater but there was still something bugging me enough that I had to talk to somebody about it. My doctor had given me dicetel for when my stomach was upset, but she never actually worked with me to get to the bottom of it. So during Christmas when I went a bit wild HELLO WINE,CHEESE, COOKIES and CHOCOLATE, I made my way through my entire prescription of 50 or so dicetel.

So that was a good short term solution that still left me fairly miserable. So off I go to “Dr. Steph” in Langley to try and find a long term solution. We do the vega testing which shows I can’t eat anything. While I didn’t quite cry, I wasn’t exactly jumping for joy. Going on this diet meant a significant lifestyle change. No sugar, no booze, HELLO, no chocolate, no coffee, no wheat, no many many other things.

So I just got off the phone with Dr. Steph this morning . After a re-test we always do a follow-up call where I get the usual question. How are you feeling? I’m feeling great. How are you sleeping?Awesome. Your stomach? Excellent except for the cioppino incident. What was that? Oh, Capers puts tamari in their cioppino and I didn’t read the ingredients . And? Well it was disturbing and painful for several days. It reminded me of how I used to always feel. So when can I eat cheese again? Never. Really. Why would you want to? Because.

Because. That’s exactly it. Because it’s habit. I actually realize I don’t really miss any of these things. Truthfully, the longer you’re on the diet, the easier it gets. One because you feel so damn good and two because things are re-introduced into your diet the longer you’re on it. So, for example, I can have chocolate once in awhile. Excellent. Coffee too.Β  And I discovered I can eat kamut which I didn’t think I could. Also rye. Hey, things are looking up.

And the only time I actually cheated was with alcohol. First there was the spontaneous and accidental “how did I drink those two double vodkas so fast” incident followed by the hell I feel like having a drink incident. I take probiotics twice a day and something else called phenolic medicine. This is the first year I haven’t had allergies and I feel like a million dollars. What else can I ask for? So I don’t get wheat, cow dairy, or sugar anymore. I can deal with it.



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  1. joe


    I am interested in trying this diet too–what exactly do you eat? πŸ™‚


  2. Hey Joe, Thanks for asking. I was just going to do a follow-up to this post. I’m now six months into the elimination diet but it turns out there are many things I can eat that I didn’t think I could.
    So I do eat fish and seafood, I drink coffee now, it turns out I can have goat cheese, chocolate 74% or higher,kamut, rye and oats. It might sound strange but this all makes a big difference. I’m on a maintenance diet now so I’ve figured out pretty much what i can and an’t have. For breakfast I often have smoothies made with vanilla soy, blueberries and half a banana, or kamut, gluten-free or rye bread with almond butter or an egg. I eat pasta with different sauces, indian food, japanese food (I use bragg instead of soy because of the wheat in soy sauce) I eat really well actualy and in six months I haven’t had any stomach problems. It’s crazy. One thing I’ve learned is to avoid all processed foods with sugar. I didn’t know this but a diet rich in dairy, processed food and sugar helps to de-stabilize sensitive stomachs by allowing bad bacteria to grow. This makes your stomach even more sensitive to foods you otherwise might be okay to eat. That’s what happened to me. I’ve honestly never felt better and when I think of changing back I just remember how crappy I always use to feel. Good luck and feel free to ask any questions if you need more help.

    • Reyna

      I have had Interstitial Cystitis for seven years and just barely found out that I need to follow no gluten, dairy, starch, or sugar diet. I need a list of foods that I can eat. Do you know where I can get that? Have you tried kefir and homemade yogurt that are probiotics? I have been told to try those and fermented veggies. I am so confused as to what I should and should not eat cuz I am trying to repair my sick stomach to feel at least a little better I hope. Crossing fingers! If you can, please give me information on this. Thank you my email is Please feel free to send me emails at anytime. I can take all the help I can get. My name is Reyna.

  3. Carmen

    I weighed 300 pounds two years ago. One day I just decided to stop eating what I believed made me fat. I skipped gluten, dairy , anything refined or processed, sauces, sugars, salts, anything carbonated, juice (no matter how natural), and only ate a portion of chicken breast or fish once a week. I ate mostly beans, all veges and fruits, and REFUSED to eat anything after 6:00 p.m. If I became hungry I would guzzle water with crystal Light. I also walk, jogged and conditioned my body for 2-3 hours a day every day for a year. The first month, I lost 30 pounds.

  4. Claire

    I did the elimination diet for 6 months about 2 years ago. I felt so good and lost a bunch of weight. It was easy to lose weight and that wasn’t even my agenda. I just wanted to feel better. Now, I’ve forgotten everything I learned and here I am awake at 1:46am because of terrible heartburn. And I know it’s because I ate a bowl of yogurt at 8:30pm! I’m so jealous of those people who can eat anything they want and whenever they want. I used to be that person. I miss all these yummy foods and I want to eat them but they make me sick. Hmmmm…I sure can be stubborn about it! Thanks for listening to my venting. Any tips for support in how to get back to the – can eat barely any foods diet!

    • Hey Claire, I went through that for a long time. I LOVED yogurt, milk, cheese, baguettes, saltless butter. Now for the most part I know what the end result is so it’s much easier for me to stay away. I don’t want to feel sick. I also went to a naturopath who really helped me sort out what I could and couldn’t have, I can eat chocolate (above 75%) and I indulge myself with the things I can have. Sugar doesn’t really work for me so I bake with zylitol or other substitutes. You just have to find the stuff you really like that makes you feel good and eventually you’ll find yourself not craving those other things. I know how you feel though, a gigantic caesar salad and numerous truffels did me in for a while at Christmas. Good luck!

      • Claire

        I so appreciate your response. Thank you.
        I’ve never heard of zylitol. Obviously a sugar substitute? I’ll have to google it. Chocolate…I can’t eat it unless it’s in the morning or early afternoon and just a bite or two. What do you mean by “above 75%”? Looking for foods that are in my diet is a good way to stay focused and positive rather than what I cannot eat. I’ve been focusing so far on trying NOT to eat dairy, gluten, red meat, cruciferous vegetables, apples and many other fruits, chocolate etc. So, now I can see that I can now focus my attention on what I CAN eat: berries, gluten free pastas/breads/cereals, quinoa, most vegetables, fish, stevia etc. It’s an interesting attitude shift. Thanks again.

  5. Claire

    I’m looking for a gluten/dairy/candida free support group. Does anything like this exist? I’ve been seeing Dr. Dawson in Fort Langley and she has really helped me a lot. Now, I just need to get back on track and I think it would help to surround myself with others who ARE on track and who ARE inspired by the foods they can eat. Thoughts?

    • The doctor that I went to go and see is in Langley. I don’t know of any support groups. I ended up getting a lot of help from my sister who also went to see Dr, Trenciansky and who also helped sort out her health issues.

      I’m happy to chat with you on or offline. I understand now that for me, this is a way of life. When I came back from Christmas in Toronto with my family I ate a bit of dairy (I never eat anything that’s on ‘bad list’ except for alcohol which I do have occasionally. It was a harsh reminder that I will never be normal and that I can’t eat what I see other people eat with impunity, It sucks but it’s how it is. I don’t eat meat either (by choice) which complicates things especially when we go out but we just deal with it. Feeling lousy is worse than anything.

  6. Layloni

    I’ve suffered from stomach issues for years now. Pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, gas and bloating. It was awful. I would have an episode (it would usually last a few days to 2 weeks) and stop eating. I would drink Aloe Vera juice until the symptoms subsided and then go back to eating normally. My usual diet consisted of meat, fish, seafood, dairy, grains. Well last year the effects of these foods (not all but some) culminated into a severe attack that caused me to be hospitalized for 2 days. I now found myself in a situation where I could only keep down vegetable broth. It was depressing. I lost over 40 pounds in the span of a month and a half and the doctors tell me there is nothing wrong with me. I’ve been scouring the web to find other people that have similar stomach challenges. Through the process of elimination I’ve determined that I can’t eat any kind of meat, dairy, gluten and eggs. When I try to return to eating the way I did before the reaction is immediate and violent. The stomach pain is unbearable followed by nausea and vomiting. My blood pressure is low and I’m anemic.

    I’ve started on iron supplements and I’m finding things that I can eat and enjoy eating but I’d really like to speak to a doctor that can understand my issues so as to explain them to me instead of making me feel like I’m crazy. Do you believe one doctor actually told me to go out and get a hamburger and a baked potato with the works. Wow, that’s deadly advice for someone like me.

    The episodes aren’t so frequent anymore as long as I stick to what my tummy seems to be able to tolerate. But I’d still like to know what’s wrong with me. Any suggestions of where I can go for sensible answers? Thanks

    • Hi there,

      My doctor (who actually is a great doctor) wasn’t really able to help me. She gave me dicetel to deal with spasms and pain, told me to avoid dairy and use lactaid if I ate dairy and sent me for a celiac test. The celiac test proved I wasn’t a celiac. Lactaid only works sometimes. I was ready to pull my hair out with frustration. My sister finally said to me ” why does what you have need a name. Just don’t eat those foods.” Of course you and I both know that’s all easier said and done…but truthfully since then I’ve just accepted that I have food intolerances that are very very real. My naturopathic doctor tells me that my body is like the canary in a mine…the moment something is wrong it shouts in anger. Now I just accept all of it. I know (even if other people think I’m being fussy) that I absolutely can’t eat cow dairy, gluten or much/any sugar.
      I now manage all of my pain by not eating those foods or even thinking I can eat them. I have a limited but great diet and I find great things to eat on the internet (whole foods has great recipes). I don’t want to give advice because I’m not a doctor but I would find a naturopathic doctor and an open-minded western doctor and try and work with them. I KNOW it’s frustrating. For so long I thought it was in my head too but it’s not. Good luck. Keep me posted. Tess

  7. Hi,
    I just came across your blog post when I was researching on phenolic medicine for candida. Guess what!! I went to a naturopath in langley too- Dr. Sleigh – and I first discovered I had candida around 15 years ago – it has been quite the journey since then. I even started a website ( ), because I’m sure there are many, many of us out there that are dealing with this. Lately, I’ve really gotten into reading gluten-free blogs for food ideas – (isn’t it really all about the food!)
    Anyways, thought I’d share my story – good luck with your journey.

  8. I’m certain this query has been asked one million occasions, so if I’m in forum violation for any explanation, I apologize, and feel no cost to take down this post. I curious about p90x for myself. I have a friend who owns the DVDs and this kind of and has told me i’m welcome to utilize it anytime I wish due to the fact he knows Now i’m beginning a journey to lose weight. However, just after reading alot on it, many people say p90x–even for individuals semi-fit–‘kicks your butt’ and has you sore for times just after. Is that correct? I admittingly am horribly out of form and don’t want to have into anything I can only do 5-10 mins of at a time. Is there one thing superior or ‘less intense’ that any one would recommend to go with, or is p90 the way to go and just make myself handle it?

  9. Leslie Lancaster

    Have recently been diagnosed with SIBO (Small intestine bacterial overflow). No gluten, no sugar, no soy, no starches and extremely limited carbs to avoid the chemical sugar transformation that happens. I’m incredibly frustrated. The only sweeteners allowed are saccharine and honey. I can’t even have Jell-O. Any advice would be highly appreciated because I really don’t think I can eat like this for the rest of my life.

  10. Hi Leslie,
    It is super frustrating when your diet is limited like that. Has your doctor said this is a lifetime diet? I personally found my doctor somewhat unhelpful. I went to a naturopath who put me on probiotics and a diet which much like yours was intended to reduce the bacteria that seems to love to live in my gut. My sister had a similar thing so I learned a few things. For example, no sugar was okay by me – I substituted agave or xylitol instead – then i just started looking for low sugar/no sugar recipes for baking. I could eat pasta etc except I have a wheat allergy so I substituted with rice pasta and now I actually mostly eat quinoa pasta. What I did learn over time though was to find a few recipes that met the restrictions of the diet and to love them. There are heaps of sites out there that can offer you great recipes as well. The other thing is I’ve discovered that feeling good is a million times better than feeling bad so when I stray from my diet (which I recently have) I feel awful – Now I’m used to my diet and I’m okay with it except for the occasional cheese binge. I would try and fine a dietition or a naturopath to help you out. AND I would absolutely find out if this diet is a lifer or if you simply have to a)get healthy by doing this diet for a period of time (let’s say 3 months) and then can modify it slightly – example get healthy enough so if you do have pasta once in a blue moon it won’t affect you. Feel free to write again if it’s of any help to you.Tess

    • Leslie Lancaster


      I can absolutely relate to physician frustration too. Just got the results of a coloscopy from last week and I apparently also have a precancerous polyp and IBS on top of mild gastritis. Do I call a dietitian? I have no clue about how to proceed.

      Also, does anyone have experience with oregano oil? Thank you in advance.


      • Hmmnnn – I would call Dr. Trencianski – She is located in British Columbia but she helped my sister when she lived in Kuwait. She is a naturopathic doctor and I went to her when I was in abject misery. My doctors had failed me and just wanted to give me pills. She’ll offer you the structure you need to find out what’s going on and help you find a maintenance diet. She’s awesome. If she can’t help you she might be able to find someone who can help you. Let me know how it goes.Good luck!

      • Leslie Lancaster

        I really appreciate the referral site, Tess. Thanks. I’ll write immediately.

      • Let me know how it goes. Good luck! Hang in there!!

    • Mollie

      It also helps me to know folks who practice a program of food recovery and who can share their experience, strength and hope….and recipes.
      I attend Overeaters Anonymous meetings and feel supported by others who have been observing abstinence from foods which we consider to be hurtful to us, for me that list is wheat and all forms of sugar. Also Food Addicts Anonymous has a program of recovery which offers support, too. I can’t seem to maintain a prolonged observance of abstinence without support. I also look to the Internet for recipesbwhich give me delicious safe choices…..there is a lot of books, but the Internet is right at my fingertips!
      Welcome to the world of health through best choices for yourself!

  11. Brian Nelson

    I’ve just read your blog and I am quite fascinated. I have had stomach problems for months. I am a vegetarian and diabetic and have recently started a gluten free and lactose free diet and this has really helped. I have just discovered that i have Candida Lusitanea My GP in the UK has no idea so I do not know if it is the same problem as yours. If I eat even some cheese or wheat I am ill for days.

    • Hi Brian,
      I have the same thing. I can now eat goat dairy in small qtys but cow dairy and wheat make me quite sick. Are you taking probiotics for candida? Bacteria – which you have and which I have also had can also be a great source of discomfort. Good luck. You CAN feel better πŸ™‚

  12. Leslie Lancaster


    It’s been nearly a month since I wrote this original post and my brain is stuffed with new knowledge. Here’s what I’ve learned;

    1. It wasn’t only SIBO. I also had a massive Candida infestation and H. pylori on top of gastritis, colitis and borderline diabetes.

    2. Most of the above issues are now gone or being addressed with diet and a drastic change in my lifestyle, as follows.

    a. Two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar diluted in 8 oz. of water taken twice a day. This changes your blood chemistry from acidic to alkaline. Bacteria, viruses and fungi HATE alkalinity. There was a Candida holocaust and I was slightly sick for about 18 hours the first day I began drinking the ACV. I wasn’t prepared for what came out in the bathroom. It looked like little curds of cottage cheese. Thousands of them. Organic, raw, unpasteurized and unfiltered ACV works best. If the taste is too icky, just add more water and sweeten with Stevia or Xylitol. Kind of tastes like apple-ade with a slight tang and is actually refreshing now that it’s warming up outside. Sugar just feeds the critters in your innards. ACV will also get rid of that stubborn acne rosacea.

    b. One large tablespoonful of coconut oil taken internally twice a day. I cannot tell you how impressed I am by this stuff. It’s antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral in addition to being a completely organic nutrient with lauric acid (the enzyme in breast milk that gives babies immunity from errant diseases until they’re weaned), a replacement for every hand, foot and face lotion and a much better mouthwash than anything you can buy at the store since it kills all the germs in your mouth, between your teeth and on your tongue. Just let it melt in your mouth and swish it around for 10 minutes before brushing your teeth. It’s also the only product that visibly removes nicotine stains on tooth enamel every, single time. Cats, dogs and horses also benefit. Paloma the Terminally Starving passed a huge hairball a few days ago and is lively and playful again. Her coat is incredibly soft as well. Best to use organic virgin coconut oil and this is always solid at room temperature. Do not refrigerate or use for cooking. You can melt a glob in a separate container and place it in hot water to use as the oil component on salads and the taste is very mild, which is a good thing since I absolutely despise coconut otherwise.

    c. Juice fasting is not a new concept. It involves liquefying an array of vegetables and fruits with high nutrient density and giving your intestines and bowels a break so your body can concentrate on other things besides digesting food. Kale, spinach, romaine lettuce and kohlrabi have the highest density of nutrients and those basic greens can be mixed with other vegetables and even fruit to make different flavor combinations depending on your specific palate and physical needs. Beets and beet greens help to detoxify your liver, but lest you run out and just buy a bunch of beets be warned that they also contained a lot of sugars and any one root vegetable has to be mixed with 3-4 non-root vegetables to provide balance. Please do your own homework. There’s a ton of information on the Net and on YouTube. I recommend a website called http:\\ in addition to the documentary by the same name.

    • Mollie

      Thanks for the great information!! Have noticed that I seek fermented food couple times a week, and knowbthat Sally Fallon has recommended it in her book about subversive eating! I appreciate your sharing!

      • Leslie Lancaster

        Fermented food is also highly alkaline and very good for digestive issues. I’ve been craving saurkraut and pickled herring, which is odd because I was never crazy about either of those before.

      • Hi Leslie, thanks for sharing all this great information. Would you mind if I post it as a blog post? I am so happy that you have found a way to feel and be healthy! Tessa

      • Leslie Lancaster

        No problem, Tessa. Post away. πŸ˜€

  13. Leslie Lancaster

    Before I forget, I wanted to relay a basic juicing recipe;

    Mean Green

    1 bunch of kale (4-6 leaves with stalks)
    4 stalks of celery
    1 cucumber (peel first unless they’re English cukes)
    2 Granny Smith apples (core removed due to pesticide concentration)
    1/2 a lemon (peel removed)
    ginger root

    I’m now on Day 5 of a juice fast and feel unbelievably good. Sleeping much better without apnea and waking up refreshed with a ton of energy. Am also losing a bunch of weight (almost 20 lbs. already) and my skin is beginning to glow with significant reduction in pore size. Bathroom breaks are more frequent due to drinking eight 8 oz. glasses of water (either plain or with ACV) a day on top of almond milk and six 16 oz. glasses of juice. I can promise you won’t be hungry simply because your stomach is always full of something and vegetables take up more room than the same quantity protein or fat.

    I did transition into this liquid diet for two weeks by eating a diet of primarily vegetables, cutting out caffeine, chocolate and sugar and sticking to the selected carbohydrate diet recommended for SIBO. Since I’m still very determined at this stage, I’m going to set my target for a 10 day juice fast. If all’s well upon reaching that goal, I’ll be going for 30 days. Will keep you apprised.

    • Irene

      Thanks for the blog, expecially to Leslie for your info, have been searching the net for wheat, dairy, sugar free diet due to child having candida. So helpful. Would love to know any other recommended websites!

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  15. Rebecca

    Hi Leslie,
    So how do you eat your coconut oil? I don’t know if I could stomach a whole tablespoon plain.

    • Leslie

      It’s actually not that bad if you chase it with iced tea real quick. The virgin coconut oil has a very mild flavor, and I absolutely despise the taste of coconut when it’s grated, but I can handle this.

  16. Shelly Leach

    I also go to Dr. Stephanie. I thought I was going to lose my mind due to menopause and my family dr. was no help. I found Dr, Stephanie. Have been going to her for 5 years or so. She just did the food sensitivity test on me in November last year. Did great the first month lost like 10lbs. Felt great!!!! I cannot seem to get back to it no matter how much I try 😦 Need ideas for meals. Can u help??

    • Hi there, What a small world! Dr. Steph was wonderful for me but admittedly I haven’t been back for a while. In my own experience I have found that my stomach happiness is a moving target. I eat gluten-free and mostly dairy free but there seem to be other things that bother me so you have to really stick to the elimination diet and then most likely go back and do it once a year again or once every year and half. Since Dr. Steph i’ve figured out that chickpeas, and soy irritate my stomach. I can eat them but in limited quantities. I just did an elimination diet again where I went back to the very basics – very little sugar, no dairy, no wheat – just very plain basic food – grilled fish, veggies. My diet isn’t varied (unfortunately) but since I’ve gone to eating very simply and predictably I feel amazing. There are some recipes on this site but they appeal to my love of asian food. If you let me know what you can eat I can try and point out some recipes for you. Tess

      • Shelly Leach

        I cannot eat wheat,dairy,sugar,vinegar except I can now have balsamic vinegar. No chocolate,eggs except I can have whites. Nothing with perservatives no cod and that is the only fish I like 😦 I have switched to goat milk and cheese and love it!!!! I love milk so did not know what I was going to do. Tried all the rice,almond,soy and coconut milks nothing cut it.
        I have such bad cravings for sugar 😦 Somedays that is all I want to eat. I am really trying to get back to it as I felt sooooo much better.

      • Stick with it. Just focus on how good you feel when you follow the diet. I had to give up on milk entirely even though I loved it. Nothing really substitutes it. Enjoy the things you can have like goat cheese and gluten free crackers. Go to good GF bakeries. I have one near me in North Van which is fantastic as it also has a number of vegan options.

  17. Hello, what kind of probiotics did you take? Cos probiotics contain lactose.

    • Leslie

      Greek yogurt is really good, but I have new information as well;

      It’s now over a year since I posted and still doing very well even though I’m pescatarian (no red meat) now. What a long, strange trip it’s been. Here’s what I’ve discovered.

      All prepared food in the United States contains some type of genetically modified organism (GMO) from Monsanto. These organisms are artificially created in a laboratory by splicing a strand of bacillus thuringiensis (in the anthrax family) to the recipient seed’s microbial RNA along with Monsanto’s Terminator marker to ensure that the seed is sterile and cannot naturally propagate. Their goal, after all, is to sell seeds year after year and they’ve become rather notorious for suing small farmers who’ve tried to save seed.

      GMO’s have been linked to leaky gut syndrome and a myriad of other digestive and body chemistry disorders, including diabetes, cancer, IBS and Crohn’s Disease. The most significant clue of how bad these science freaks are to me is that animals won’t eat them if given any other choice, and it’s very sad that there’s such an epidemic of obesity in America now because there’s so little actual nutrition in these foods that people are in a physical state of starvation. You will never lose weight under these circumstances since your body is convinced there’s no food and will hang onto what fat you already have stored.

      Since anything agricultural in the U.S. is dominated by Monsanto, Dow, Cargill, Tyson, Perdue and Smithfield (all committed to using GMO’s for animal feed and in commercial food markets) there seems very little choice for the average person except to grow your own from certified heirloom seeds such as can be obtained from Baker Creek Heirloom, Amishland Heirloom Seeds and other reputable outlets. Monsanto has been extremely sneaky in the past few years by buying up seed distribution outlets operating out of garden centers. Fortunately the heirloom businesses can be found online and the ones I’ve cited here are very reliable.

      Factory farming (including fish farms) all use GMO’s for their critters. While this is horrible for the animals the situation is rather worse when considering that they’re kept in extremely crowded conditions which require the administration of routine antibiotics that you consume with your meat and recombitant bovine growth hormones that are given to dairy cattle to keep them in a terminal state of pregnancy so they produce more. Open pen fish farms such as the ones in Alaska for salmon lead to GMO’s in the entire ocean ecosystem. The only fish I trust anymore are plankton-eaters like sardines and herring. Larger fish not only have GMO’s in their bodies, but also high levels of mercury from pollutants humans dump in the seas of the world.

      I know this is a huge amount of information and you likely feel as betrayed and angry as I did when I first began researching the topic. These companies don’t care about the planet your kids inherit and are only interested in making huge profits at your expense and health. I would urge you to do your own research to verify this information and investigate an heirloom-based paleo diet devoid of prepared foods and red meat unless you know a beef/pork/chicken farmer personally.

      Be advised that the Deputy Commissioner of the FDA is Michael Taylor, former Monsanto executive. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is also a former Monsanto attorney who routinely rules in favor of the corporation if and when agricultural or patent cases reach the Federal level. The Department of Homeland Security falls under the jurisdiction of the USDA (also dominated by Monsanto) and not the Department of Justice as you might surmise and Monsanto has recently acquired a company called Blackwater, a mercenary military organization, in order to realize their goal of obtaining a global food monopoly. Blackwater was the company created and owned by Chris Kyle, a former Marine sniper who was mysteriously killed while at a shooting range.

      This is very serious to them. All the money on the planet will never be enough. I’ve made up my mind to starve them as they’ve starved the rest of the world. It’s unlikely that the situation in government will change anytime soon, and after doing a lot of homework I’ve been telling everyone about these evil people.

      If you need help with starting a garden, please let me know. It’s not as hard as you might think and entirely possible to grow in any living situation. I live in a condo with a west-facing exposure and my plants are doing very well in their little soda bottles. Ask away.

      • Thanks for this info Leslie. It’s interesting, my husband and I spent three weeks in Europe where I did not even once have any stomach issues. Now that I’m back home again it’s a non-stop battle. I am planning on having a winter garden this year and would love to hear any tips you have. We are in a condo as well and are south facing. It’s like a little greenhouse here. Also, we live in Vancouver which has a very temperate climate. Kale, Chard, spinach and brussel sprouts for winter….I’m planning on planting garlic and potatoes as well. What are you growing? tess

      • Leslie

        Well, gee. I’m not really an authority on any crops except what grows here, which is pretty much just brassicas (broccoli, cauliflower, kale, lettuces, etc.), but I really like the vertical bottle garden ideas from YouTube. Not exactly self-watering, but very thrifty and efficient as far as drip feeding is concerned. I tried the hanging milk bottle notion for a while, but all the weather here comes from the west, which is where the balcony is located. I lost a few plants earlier this year after transplanting.

        Wanted to ask whether you’ve noticed an improvement in your digestion whenever you eat garlic because I sure have. Discovered that it’s a natural antibiotic to which you never develop a tolerance, and when combined with the coconut oil and wild oregano oil on a daily basis is a good therapy for intestinal issues.

      • Hi Leslie,

        I eat quite a bit of garlic and maybe it helps but I can’t really tell. I just have to follow a very VERY strict diet and then I seem to be okay but it gets tiring and restrictive. I have planted kale and swiss chard though:)

      • Leslie

        Okay, have you done the purge thing? It’s not pleasant, but you’ll eventually feel better.

      • I’m not sure what you mean by the purge thing. I’ve tried a bunch of things and generally speaking if I can stick to simple foods, no dairy, no gluten, no sugar, I am okay. But I love dairy and sugar so it’s occassionally a battle. Plus from time to time my stomach decides it doesn’t like something that I previously could eat like peanut butter or hummus. It’s just so random.

      • Leslie

        It sounds as though you’re already following the diet recommended before the cleansing process by depriving the candida of its primary source of food – sugar.

        Basically, this page suggests that you stay away from any starchy carbs as well since that’s converted into sugar and can be ingested by the organism. I followed this for a week and then drank a giant mug of tea sweetened with Xylitol, after which I spent a good six hours in the bathroom getting rid of a lot of nasty things living in my guts. As stated, it’s not a pleasant experience. I was sick for about 48 hours afterwards with a massive headache and fatigue from the release of candida waste as it was expelled, but I felt great after that.

      • Leslie

        I think so. Certainly not craving sugar the way I used to and not feeling as tired during the day. Doing the cleanse is – to say the least – a little disturbing when you see what’s been living in your body. Just knowing it’s gone is a pretty big relief.

    • I actually don’t remember. It was prescribed by my naturopath.

  18. As a Kinesiologist I test my clients for allergies and find dairy products the most common allergen. This requires a strong regimen, as dairy has infiltrated our food supply to an incredible extent. The dairy board literally goes over dead bodies to promote this animal product for human consumption.
    Elimination of milk, in all its forms and labels is essential! Milk, yogurt, butter (92% animal fat), cheese, (45% animal fat), whey, ghee (98% animal fat). Goats or sheep milk might not be the answer as they also contain lactose. The simple fact of the matter is that, once past weaning the production of lactase ceases at some point in time. This means we can not digest lactose. And candida loves undigested sugars. Insulin is ineffective in breaking down undigested sugars as well, leading (for many) to diabetes. The brain needs glucose to function optimally but, here again, can only use digested sugars. Some of my clients (about 5%) are allergic to soy protein as well, but the majority are allergic to dairy. The more people we test, the more we find dairy to be the underlying issue to many health problems. Check labels and scrutinize contents of packaged foods, and avoid anything you are uncertain of. This is the only way to happiness and health

    • Thanks for your comments. Very much appreciated. I eat a little bit of goat dairy but have tried to limit most of it. I also eat mostly fresh so it doesn’t sneak too much into my diet. Truthfully though, I feel better when I am completely dairy free.Tess

      • Hi there. Thanks for the feedback. I like to point out that the amount of dairy as a causal factor in candida is irrelevant. A little bit sets off the same immune reaction as a lot. As one who is allergic to dairy I know this from bitter experience. I once finished up in hospital with anaphylaxis after some clown told me that raw milk would not be allergenic. I should have known better. Check labels, and, when in doubt, don’t have it is my advise.

  19. Pamela keefe

    Absolutely wonderful information, this has given me new hope to rid myself of candida and H. Pylori cannot thank you enough

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