Conversations with my mother: Squeak Squeak in Apt 301

Tessa: Hi Mom.

Rosie: Hi sweetie, how are you? Let me call you back.  Last month’s bill was guess how much?

Tessa: I don’t know.

Rosie: Fifty seven cents. I can’t send them a cheque for fifty seven cents. And you never pick up your phone so how can I ever get my bill to go higher? Anyways, those fires are so terrible.

Tessa: I know. It’s so hot here mom. It’s incredible. Dave and I are going to move into our parkade. Maybe set up some garden chairs and table.

Rosie: Hahhahaha. Well it’s beautiful here. Perfect. 25 with maybe a little bit too much rain.

Tessa: Yeah, I here you’re getting a lot of rain.

Rosie: Oh yeah, there was such a bad storm the other day it blew all my plants off the balcony. But it’s perfect.

Tessa: What’s perfect?

Rosie: The weather.

Tessa: You guys just had a hurricane. That’s not perfect.

Rosie: It was just a little windy. Achhh. The new bed your sister bought is wonderful. So comfortable and no more squeak squeak.

Tessa: It squeaked?

Rosie: Twice a night. Every time I have to go to the bathroom. Squeak squeak. The neighbours are probably thinking the old lady in 301 is making whoopee wowee two times a night. They’re probably thinking some old bastard just died. No more fun for 301. Wouldn’t that be something.

Tessa: Yeah. It sure would. Hey mom, I think Dave and I are coming home for Christmas.

Rosie: Really? That would be wonderful. I’ll believe it when I see it. Let me talk to Dave.

Tessa: He’s not here. Anyways, gotta run. I have a doctor’s appointment.

Rosie: What’s wrong?

Tessa; It’s a check up for my stomach.

Rosie:  I have the same as you. Worse though.

Tessa: Anyways, squeak squeak. I have to go.

Rosie: Bye sweetie!


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