The World’s Most Dangerous Rumballs!

Tessa: Every November my friend Diane and I make our highly prized, secret rumball recipe together. We double the recipe which means that we put exactly one 26 ounce bottle of rum into our rumballs. One year at a tree decorating party someone asked what the recipe was. I very nicely said that the recipe was top secret and couldn’t be given out. The next year the same question came up and I once again declined to give out the recipe explaining that it was top secret. People seemed genuinely perturbed by this and suddenly the mood turned ugly as people tried to squeeze the secret out of me. I held firm for the next four years not only refusing to give out the recipe but also refusing to give away my rumballs. Now I’ve decided to do a bit of a scrooge reversal and not only have I started to share the dangerous rumballs again but also share the recipe. So here is the recipe with a small warning that these rumballs could cause some trouble!

12 ounces semi-sweet chocolate (don’t cheap out on the chocolate. Get the good stuff)
1/2 cup almond paste
1 cup sour cream
A pinch of salt
8 cups (or three boxes) Nilla Crackers or vanilla wafers
1 1/2 cups melted butter
2/3 cup cocoa (again no cheaping out on this)
1 1/2 cups rum (any old kind but I use amber rum)
2 cups pecans crushed

Combine melted chocolate, sour cream, almond paste and salt. Cream well and set aside. In separate bowl combine wafers and the rest of the ingredients except for the real chocolate sprinkles. Mix until it holds its shape. Add chocolate-sour cream mixture and knead with your hands until blended and soft. Refrigerate until firm (overnight) enough to form small delicious rum-filled balls then roll in chocolate shot and put in cookie tin lined with wax paper. Keep them refrigerated until you eat every single last one of them.

Merry Christmas.



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6 responses to “The World’s Most Dangerous Rumballs!

  1. Thanks for sharing the recipe :o) I will have to try them out some time!

  2. Thanks Nicole. They’re a bit of work but definitely worth it! Have a good Christmas with your family!

  3. I had one (actually a couple) and trust me, they are deadly (in a good way).

  4. Genevieve

    They are the best things ever. Thanks Tess!
    Merry Xmas!

  5. Thanks Tessa – I hope you and Dave are having a wonderful Christmas as well! Ours has been fabulous!

  6. Bettye Brown

    Delicious!!Enjoyed by folks in Calgary and Vancouver.

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