Dave the Dutch Man

Tessa: When Dave and I got married two summers ago I decided to keep my last name. Afterall, I had had it for a very, very long time. Dave and I had jokingly talked about him changing his last name and sometimes we would sit and think of great last names for him like Dave Bonaparte, or Dave Baron von Rippel. It was funny at the time.

So we went to Quadra Island where we barely survived getting married but finally did and congratulations went all around and there was great happiness and joy in the air. When we got back home I was checking out my emails when I saw one from Dave with a new last name. Mine. I had been copied into what looked like a press release with Dave announcing that he was no longer the Dave everyone new and loved but was now Dave so and so and please use this new email address and also please take note that from here on in he was also Dutch. This is how I found out Dave had not only taken my nationality but also my last name.

When we were in a store some time later the woman looked at his last name and said “Oh, you’re Dutch.” And he said, “Yes, I am.” This is the first I had heard that Irish/English was the same as Dutch but who am I to argue.


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