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What’s your favourite condiment?

On my second date with Dave we spent a good part of our evening out-doing each other by detailing our love for condiments. “How much do you love mayo?” “THIS MUCH!” I screamed, ignoring the grill marks I was getting on my cheek from the outdoor heater. Seven years later I realize that Dave really does love condiments…all kinds from HP to French’s Mustard (I prefer Dijon) to Ranch and back again. Me, I love mayonaise, plain and simple.

The very best is the kind they put on those delicious fries in Holland. Now that’s tasty. The next best is Hellman’s.A different animal altogether but still terribly tasty is Japanese mayo. Absolutely not tolerated is anything called Miracle Whip or anything that is low fat.

Well, now that I’ve whipped myself up into a frenzy, I think I’m going to go and have myself some mayo! What’s your favourite condiment of all time?


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