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Headaches By the Glass: Why Wine Isn’t Always a Pleasure (Globe article)

Wine drinking allergy sufferers there’s hope! I found this article in the Globe and Mail written by Beppi Crosarial the resident wine monger there.

“Wine is synonymous with pleasure, yet it’s a source of pain for many frustrated drinkers. Allergic reactions, including headaches, skin rashes and runny noses, affect as many as 8 per cent of wine drinkers, according to some estimates.

Now, recent news out of Denmark could spell hope for many sufferers. Scientists have isolated molecules in wine that may be the source of a large number of these allergies. And here’s the twist. They are substances unrelated to such usual – and often falsely accused – suspects as sulphites, tannins and pesticides. The discovery could lead to new winemaking techniques that would reduce or remove the culprit molecules, ushering in an era of headache-free merlots and pinot grigios for those with sensitivities. Continue reading


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