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Local Organic Produce Delivered to Your Door – Spud.ca

ImageI’m excited! As part of my sustainability course I took last semester I had to draft a Personal Social Responsibility Plan. Sound serious? Not really. It’s just a way to look at your life to identify areas that you could lower your footprint and put an actionable plan in place to do it. I like to buy local and organic produce but because of where we live I’m usually driving all over the place to do it. So part of my plan was to get our groceries delivered by Spud.

I had been meaning to do it in the fall but it just got to busy. But last week I placed my first order. ¬†Yesterday when I got home my big beautiful container of fresh veggies awaited me. I was completely impressed with the quality of the produce – ¬†It’s a full service grocery store that gives you the added bonus of counting GHG saved by shopping online. So in one fell swoop I’ve fulfilled one of my New Year’s resolutions to eat more than just tomatoes for veggies and to lower my carbon footprint. What’s next? Cycling to work – brrrrrr



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