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How on earth can I be tired after 9 hours sleep?? A diary of imposed relaxation

Today I’m so tired I can hardly stand up. I have bags under my eyes and everything is dragging me downward, like the universe wants me to fall down and have a big nap. There is no possible reason why I am this exhausted. I have had 4 nights of 8 to 9 hours sleep, preceeded by some bad hockey. Or maybe it’s like Sara my hairdresser said, that we have mono. Or maybe it’s that ridiculous bike ride I went on yesterday. All up hill. Who knew? I’m usually a passenger in a car when I’m doing those hills. Those hills are hard. At one point I thought I was going to fall off my bike. Then I thought I might call Dave to come and pick me up except I forgot my cell phone. Then when I realized that the last part of the ride home which I thought was downhill (where did I get that idea?) was in fact uphill. I actually considered stabbing myself in the head and feigning injury. Brother. I may as well have been climbing Everest without my oxygen tank.


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