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Books: Less by Andrew Sean Greer

The Guardian UK wrote a great review of this book so for a more fulsome analysis of this funny tale you can go here. I’m mostly here to tell you that if you’re in need of something light, funny and poignant to get you through the dark winter months then this might be the novel for you.

The novel is the story of Arthur Less, a soon-to-be fifty, recently single, almost failed middling novelist, who escapes heart break by accepting invitations for literary engagements around the world. During his travels he rediscovers himself and the real meaning of love.

Arthur is pitiful, there’s no question about it. But there is also something about him that is so well….flawed, and human.  Arthur has no illusions about himself  which is why I found myself cheering him on, and crossing my fingers that things might go his way. 

There are funny parts all along the way but the German chapter made me laugh out loud for the entire piece. So all in all, well worth the read!


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Jerry Seinfeld On How to Write a Joke

Inside Jerry Seinfeld’s writing process – The Pop Tart!

101 Books

Jerry Seinfeld explains his joke writing process, using one specific joke about a pop tart as an example of how his jokes begin and evolve over time. He said that he’s been working on this one joke for two years!

A lot of great writing tips in here, even for those of us who aren’t necessarily humor writers.

I love the tip about being specific in your writing–that’s something I’ve been trying to do more of myself. For instance, the line that he uses about “the back of my head blowing off” instead of just saying, “my head blew off.” Or something like that.


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Steampunks: Etch-a-Sketch Vodka image. Hilarious.

This  completely cracks me up. A friend sent it to me and she got it from Steampunks.

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