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Candida Sucks

Fine Wine

Image by xueexueg via Flickr

I know when I’m telling people I’ve done a face plant on a plate of exotic French cheeses like Cambenzola and St. Andre’s Triple Cream (I’m usually still laughing at this point)  that I’m in deep trouble and way off course from my IBS anti-candida diet. Throw in chocolate covered strawberries, a renewed love for pasta and tomato sauce, fine wine and barrels of orange juice to get me through the summer heat and I know that yeast is starting to multiply by the gazillions.  Tick tock tick tock. Candida is moving in like the Germans taking over Poland.  It’s pure evil. Sensitive eco-systems like  my stomach can’t live like others do. Sad but true.

I tell myself that I only did two or three faceplants (ooohh I forgot about that tasty meringue and chocolate cream concoction from Capers) but the fact is that if you have IBS and if you are prone to  candida then you can’t eat like other people. How often do I actually have to remind myself of that?

So how do I know when things are going astray? Well for one thing it’s easy to compare the times when I feel great and the times when I don’t. And when I’m not feeling great a visit to my naturopath confirms what I already know.

The first sign is my stomach. It’s sore (literally) and swollen. I’m tired and can’t sleep, I have crazy sugar cravings, I’m anxious, my body hurts and  I have itchy patches of skin.

So how am I going to solve this? Well I’ll solve it by a) not drinking alcohol b) not having any sugar, for example:  cakes, cookies, muffins, fruit juices, honey, maple syrup c) avoiding carbohydrates like pasta, rice, flour unless it’s whole grains and brown rice d) no dairy e) I’m going to the store to buy some probiotics to help the process along.

I’ve been here before and being a lover of great food, my guess is I’ll be here again but for now I’m looking forward to feeling healthy again.



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