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A Sad Day – The World Says Goodbye to Anthony Bourdain

Way, way, way back I had the pleasure of meeting Anthony Bourdain in Vancouver for the launch of Kitchen Confidential when I still worked at Raincoast Books. He was down-to-earth, funny, raw and unpretentious.  It was obvious that he loved what he was doing and that he knew he was lucky to be living his dream.

Like everyone else, I was so, so sad to hear that he had taken his life this week.

A friend on Facebook shared this podcast that was done when he was on tour in 2006 for his next book Nasty Bits. It’s a three part series that was created over the course of a book tour in Vancouver and captures him in different moments. In all those moments, he   never radiates the “rock star” arrogance that comes so often with fame. He was a mensch, a very real human being.

Thanks to Monique for sharing and Robert Ouimet for producing.


A little taste of what is in the podcast:

“On June 12, 2006, Anthony Bourdain, the best selling author of Kitchen Confidentialand host of the TV show No Reservations, spent a day in Vancouver doing media interviews and bookstore appearances to talk about his new book The Nasty Bits.

He wore a lapel microphone during the entire day, allowing me to record Bourdain’s casual conversation with fans, private moments in the car, and regular interview style questions.”

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Have a listen to a man who showed us the world and all of its amazing offerings.

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Anthony Bourdain Versus Jonathan Safran Foer on Q: Should we eat meat or not?

Have a listen and join the debate. I am an admirer of Jonathan Safran Foer (somewhat less so of Anthony Bourdain) but they are interviewed here on CBC’s Q by Jian Ghomeshi on the issue of should we, should we not eat meat. I personally think Jonathan takes the argument hands down but that’s just me. Have a listen and let me know what you think.

“Just before Thanksgiving this fall on Q, writer, chef — and vocal critic of vegetarianism — Anthony Bourdain squared off with author — and vegetarian — Jonathan Safran Foer. (You can hear that below.) And now, hot on the heels of holiday roast beasts, it’s your turn. Meat eaters: Were you persuaded by Jonathan Safran Foer’s case against eating animals? Vegetarians: Did Anthony Bourdain influence your thinking?

And share your favourite holiday food traditions and any creative solutions to the vegetarian/meat-eating dinner-table divide!

Listen to the debate right here on Q

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