Gito and Asoka Meet for the First Time

I have fallen in love with orangutans. The  International Animal Rescue first brought young Gito to my attention with a horrific picture of an almost dead baby organgutan who had been left to die in a box. He could barely move, was undernourished and suffered from severe mange. Not only are orang-utans threatened because their home in Indonesia is being deforested and sold to big companies to grow palm oil (products we buy and support) but they are also captured and traded as pets. This puts orang-utans on the path of extinction.

Anyways, I fell in love with Gito and wanted to learn a bit more. Videos are posted regularly of Gito and other rescues progress as the make their way through their new lives.

In this video, Gito meets Asoka for the first time. Since his capture from his family he has not seen another organgutan. This video is truly touching.  If you want to help, please share and start to tell the stories of these animals. It’s the only way organizations like The International Animal Rescue can get support for their work and people around the world can find out what is happening to one of the world’s most iconic and truly wonderful species.

My Christmas present this year was Gito. My husband adopted him for me. He is now on my list to go and visit.




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