Everything You Need to Know About the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos Right Here

ImageOne rhino is killed every 9-11 hours for rhino horn. Please join the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos on Oct 4th to call for an end to the killing and a worldwide ban on ivory and rhino horn before it’s too late. Extinction is forever!

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5 responses to “Everything You Need to Know About the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos Right Here

  1. rhinoguy

    The rhino poaching scourge is indeed a very important issue but it is also important to get the facts straight. You say “their only hope for survival lies in an immediate end to the rhino horn trade”. There is no legal rhino horn trade and this is something that people often misunderstand and there are many calls to “ban” rhino horn trade, for example. Trade of rhino horn is illegal. I am not saying that you necessarily meant legal trade but for those who may not be educated on this subject I think it is important to point out that any trade is rhino horn is illegal and to the distinction clear by what you mean by trade. Cheers.

    • Hi Rhino Guy,

      Thank you. I’ll change the text and would appreciate any feedback you have.

      • rhinoguy

        Hi Tessa, I hope I did not come across as too harsh, that was not my intention. I am actually currently in the middle of work and research around Kruger where the majority of rhino poaching is happening so it has become somewhat of an emotional issue. It is great that you are helping ro bring awareness to the issue, so thanks for that. I will send you an e-mail so we can communicate in a more private way. Cheers.

      • Hi there, I’m not at all offended so no worries. Drop me a line here tvanderkop@gmail.com and we can have a chat.

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