Ding a Dong Doo Where Are You? Michelle Sauve and Bill Lyons

DADD_website_mockup2_image_copyI have a childhood friend called Michelle Sauve. Her mother was best friends with my mother. Our moms lived in Holland together and somehow ended up living about 10 km from each other in Canada for the rest of their lives. I got to know Michelle a bit better when my mom got sick because both she and her mom were very supportive of her and our family during that time. Over the course of the next few years Michelle and I swapped emails, shared stories and talked about our grief at losing our much loved parents. One of life’s great surprises is when she told me she had always wanted to be a children’s illustrator. Anyways, she had met a gentleman in the care home where she worked and they devised an excellent plan to collaborate together on this story. And here it is. Proceeds from the sale of the book go to Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimers Societies. It’s great to see dreams come true,

Check out Ding a Dong Doo Where Are You?

seniors home.


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