Take the Sustainability Pledge: It’s Good For Business – It’s Great For Your Community

Long time no talk.That’s mostly because of the aforementioned busy-ness I am currently experiencing as a result of choices I’ve made in my life. This is one reason for my busy-ness but certainly worthy of taking up time.

The Pledge
is a resource tool for businesses interested in taking action to lower their footprint. There are five key resource sections and an online form that is as simple as counting from 1 to 3 to fill out (seriously it is). The work, of course goes into thinking and deciding on what actions you want to take. It can be as simple as deciding to power down your computer every night or placing reminders to turn off the lights to showing how you embed sustainability into every aspect of your business thinking to drive efficiency and innovation (congratulations Vancity, Interface, Van Houtte to name a few:) Sharing business success is a great way to inspire other businesses to take the plunge and pledge to lower their footprint.

For those interested in learning tools to baseline, manage, and reduce their GHG emissions, the Pledge showcases Climate Smart – a very cool social enterprise that gives businesses the tools to run their businesses more efficiently and also reduce their footprint.

A big thanks to Clare Matheson and City Change the BCIT student group who helped to develop this resource. Check it out and pass it on.


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