Planner or wanderer. What kind of traveller are you?

I am a certain kind of traveller. And if I’m matched with “the other” kind of traveller, it’s very possible that we could kill each other. I started thinking about it the other day when I went to on a business appointment and I had two co-workers with me. Within no time at all we all completely disagreed on how to get there and what tools should be used. I suddenly flashed to the three of us travelling together and just how that would work – flames, protests, screams, stubborn refusal, with the inevitable “let’s all get along” trip to the bar!



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2 responses to “Planner or wanderer. What kind of traveller are you?

  1. Ron

    20 years of planning production trips with 3-5 crew and cases of gear have made me the planner I admit to being.

  2. I love planning/researching for a trip and don’t follow an itinerary during travel.

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