Poem of the Week: Little Horse by W.S. Merwin

You come from some other forest
do you
little horse
think how long I have known these
deep dead leaves
without meeting you

I belong to no one
I would have wished for you if I had known how
what a long time the place was empty
even in my sleep
and loving it as I did
I could not have told what was missing

what can I show you
I will not ask you if you will stay
or if you will come again
I will not try to hold you
I only hope you will come with me to where I stand
often sleeping and waking
by the patient water
that has no father nor mother

Many thanks to Alison McGee for her curation of these beautiful poems.
For more information on W.S. Merwin, please click here: http://www.poetryfoundation.org/bio/w-s-merwin

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