A Poem for Emily by Miller Williams – Poem of the Week

Small fact and fingers and farthest one from me,
a hand’s width and two generations away,
in this still present I am fifty-three.
You are not yet a full day.

When I am sixty-three, when you are ten,
and you are neither closer nor as far,
your arms will fill with what you know by then,
the arithmetic and love we do and are.

When I by blood and luck am eighty-six
and you are someplace else and thirty-three
believing in sex and God and politics
with children who look not at all like me,

sometime I know you will have read them this
so they will know I love them and say so
and love their mother. Child, whatever is
is always or never was. Long ago

a day I watched awhile beside your bed,
I wrote this down, a thing that might be kept
awhile, to tell you what I would have said
when you were who knows what and I was dead
which is I stood and loved you while you slept.

Thanks to Alison McGhee for curating these beautiful poems.
For more information on Miller Williams, please click here: http://www.poetryfoundation.org/bio/miller-williams

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One response to “A Poem for Emily by Miller Williams – Poem of the Week

  1. georgieporgie

    poem very good,back from France,told not stray for awhile, Petra and i to gray’s cottage today, Lucy too ,thanksgiving at our house,the vans and usual suspects[sisters], Brussels sproats will be on the menu[rosie’s favorite] love GM xox

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