Poem of the Week from my friend Janet: Help by Arthur Vogelsang

Lay down beside me I signaled to my wolf

Three pats of the sofa in the early morn

Then two pats of the heart to say why.

He did it silently, no reply when one does

What’s to do. I must rest my hand on you

For a while for the usual reasons. This

Is easy to say between wolves or wolves and people

And difficult between people. For instance

A person might not want to absorb by touch another’s pain

Then. The wolf loves to. The person might say

Oh all right, but clearly a burden to ease another’s pain.

If you keep a wolf, there isn’t much more they do

But they are specially good at it

Like the surf loves to be splashed with a whole bottle of poison water,

Try that and see if the waves don’t turn over embracing without end,

Try that and see if you can find any poison after two seconds,

Or slowly slide your fingers through the first layer

Of your wolf’s coat to the second layer and move fingers

Head to tail, tail to head, slower than slowly.

Anything could have happened to you yesterday

And you’d soon be okay. But first get a wolf.

Thanks to Alison McGhee for her weekly curation of these wonderful poems.


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