Calling All Cracker Lovers: Mary’s Is the Bomb!

I discovered Mary’s Organic Crackers a few months ago. Having lived on a steady diet of rice crackers for the last 5 years I was ready for something new. These crackers are fabulous trust me and I’m not saying this because I’ve been living in a cracker desert all this time. They have a delicious nutty flavour and are made with brown rice, quinoa and seeds. They come in four different flavours, original, caraway, black pepper, herb and onion. I don’t want to sound like an advertisement but you don’t have to be on a gluten free diet to enjoy these fabulous GF crackers. My brother even loves them.

The only drawback is the price. In Canada they sell for about $5.99. Some highway robbers sell them for over that but that’s ridiculous. I have seen them at Costco (I don’t remember the price) and on sale at London Drugs for $4.69. Go git ’em. They’re delish.


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One response to “Calling All Cracker Lovers: Mary’s Is the Bomb!

  1. Rakastan syödä keksejä

    Thank you for this recommendation. I will seek them out next time I shop at Whole Foods on Avenue Rd – they sell EVERYTHING delicious and wholesome – and they will probably cost $10.99 (so maybe I won’t….)

    On the topic of ‘craqueurs’, I tried my hand at making some this weekend.

    Using Red Fife flour is a joy, but it has an insecurity complex – determined to be a challenge no matter what – it’s all about the absence of gluten playing headgames with the rolling pin!

    I had to tweek up the recipe by ‘feel’, I added a bit of glutenous flour (organic, I dare say). So…all in all, I ended up with a delicious cracker with the texture and density of a (thick) Finnish flatbread.

    I want to get this ‘cracker making’ right, since crackers are so easy to make, SO inexpensive and personal taste can drive the flavour into entirely new territory.

    Love this site – great reading always.

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