Conversations with my mother: learning to say goodbye

My Rosie

My Rosie

Tessa: Hi mama, how are you?
Rosie: Hi Tessie, not dead yet!
Tessa: That’s good. What are you doing?
Rosie: Jokelee and I are eating a big bowl of ice cream and I’m having a second piece of pie. To hell with the diabetes. Now that I know, I’m going to live it up.
Tessa: I’m sorry mom.
Rosie: For what?
Tessa: To hear about what the doctor said.
Rosie: Oh what the hell. He told me I looked great for my age and that he had never seen anyone be so healthy for so long. I’ve been lucky. We all have to go somehow. I’m 84 for godsake.——-(Long pause) Don’t be sad. I’m so glad you have Dave.
Tessa: Me too. He really loves you.
Rosie: He does? I love him too. I love him so much I’m going to take him with me when I go.
Tessa: Oh mom. No you’re not.
Rosie: Oh yes I am. Are you coming home now?
Tessa: I’m coming home mom.
Rosie: For how long?
Tessa: As long as I can.
Rosie: I have to go now. Dancing with the Stars is on. Whoopeee..


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