Forced Relaxation has me thinking about Mia clogs

I’m beginning to develop a forced relaxation routine. I get up, take Reub around the block, have coffee and breakfast with Dave, call various family members to see what disasters are currently unfolding and then sit back and relax in my forced relaxation bubble.

After spending some time looking for work, Reuben and I do some yoga. After yoga I think about my clogs. I just bought the world’s most fabulous clogs. They are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned, even more comfortable than Birkenstocks which we all know are seriously comfortable shoes. Actually come to think of it, I got one of the worst blisters in the world walking around New York in my Birks and as I recall I spent quite a bit of time looking for bandaids to help me out. Anyways, at the end of the day nobody can beat the Swedes at shoes carved from one of the world’s greatest natural resources, wood. I thought I would have to break these shoes in but no. They fit like a glove from the moment I put them on.

My primary worry at this point is whether I should quickly invest in another pair. I know I’ll be kicking myself two years from now when my clogs are all worn out and I need a new pair and I won’t be able to find the exact ones I have which are incredibly sassy in a farmish earthy kind of way. If you’re wondering what clogs I’m talking about they’re called Mia and I got them at the Urban Barn. I will take a picture of my own pair once Dave returns with the camera. For now you can check them out here.


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