Where do great thoughts come from? Diary of a forced relaxation

I was at the park today walking Reub. We like to roll on the lawn and he likes to sit and think. So do I. While I was thinking of nothing I started thinking about how I was thinking of nothing. Then I wondered what other people thought about. For example, how do great thoughts come about? How do great thinkers think great thoughts. I’m not a great thinker so I’m not expecting any great revelations.

When I am thinking, I make lists. When I finish making the lists, I rehearse the list over and over again in case I forget something. Yesterday it occurred to me that I’m not even making lists anymore. No grocery lists, exercise, dog walking, to do, book reading, recipe making, call mom, brother, sisters, nieces lists. Nothing. Right now there are no lists. Which means I’m thinking nothing. I’m wondering if something great will come of thinking of nothing?

This brings me to the subject of great thinkers and domestics. Do great thinkers clean, cook or do domestics? Do they carry on like normal people, because if they do, I have no idea where the time would come for great thinking.

Every day I look at my plants outside. Every day I realize they’re growing and I wish I could actually watch them grow. That’s my thought for today.


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