Conversations with My Mother: The Olympics, I love Shaun White.

Rosie: Oh Tessie, I love the Olympics. I watch them day and night.

Tessa: They’re fun, aren’t they?

Rosie: Are you and Dave watching snowboarding? Wow, what a sport.

Tessa: Yeah, it’s amazing….

Rosie: Unbelievable. I like that red haired one. Shaun White. If I had to do it over again, I’d be a snowboarder and go in the Olympics. I would be amazing.

Tessa: You’re already amazing.

Rosie: I know Tessie. What do you think? Do you think he’d come and teach me maybe?

Tessa: Who?

Rosie: That red-haired cutie Shaun.

Tessa: Ohh. Well, I don’t know. If anyone could do it you could. Ask him!

Rosie: I’ll twitter him. (teehee) or whatever you people do to not talk to each other. I’ll be the oldest person on a snowboard. Wowee.

Tessa: He’s old enough to be your grandson, great grandson maybe…didn’t seem to make much difference at your 80th when you tried to run off with the 17 year old Latin waiter….that was the same night you danced until we got thrown out of the restaurant.

Rosie: I know, wasn’t that fun. Well, I have to go now. I’m going shopping at Loblaws…I need to  talk to the baker and my friend at the check out.

Tessa: Bye, love you.

Rosie: Bye sweetie. Don’t forget to twitter Shaun.


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