Heineken House for Olympic Dutch revelry or read?

You guessed it! My best intentions were laid to waste when my Dutch speed skating friends tempted me with easy entry to the popular Dutch pavilion Heineken House. Read or revel? Not much guess work there. Revel of course! Ariana and Agatha met us at the door and then left to fraternize with the Dutch pop sensation Gerard Joling(okay he’s their cousin). Diane and I in the mean time, finally found the bar, had ourselves a beverage and threw ourselves into mad arm swinging and dancing in a train. I loved the warm up band the Coronas. Especially the guy who unabashedly played air guitar through out the night with a ski pole. Nice touch! Amidst the sea of orange jerseys and friendly dutch tribes people we danced, laughed and reveled. I’ll move on with the reading campaign this weekend. Oh wait, revellers arriving this evening for the hockey game. Oh well, tomorrow then!


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