Conversations With My Mother: Martini please

Rosie: Tessie?

Tessa: Hi mom,

Rosie: Guess what?

Tessa: What?

Rosie: I just talked to your cousin.

Tessa: Nice. Which one?

Rosie: Peter in Holland.

Tessa: How’s he doing?

Rosie: He said he couldn’t believe how great my Dutch still is.

Tessa: Well you are Dutch.

Rosie: I know but after all these years my writing is still perfect.

Tessa: That’s good.

Rosie: He wanted to know if I had any assistance,  you know hulp (help). I said no. I don’t want help. I don’t want anyone in my house. I’ve decided I’m not going to rehab.

Tessa: That’s crazy.

Rosie: I don’t care. Last time when I had my other hip done I didn’t and I was perfect. The doctor told me I was perfect.

Tessa: That was fifteen years ago. The goal is to get back on your feet as soon as possible don’t you think?

Rosie: Anyways, I almost fell out of that bed your sister bought me. So high. I could die in here. Hey, Tessie, tell me do you and Deef (Dave) still drink martinis?

Tessa: Yeah, once in a while.

Rosie: Wow. That sounds good. Maybe we can have one when you’re here. Your brother tells me you don’t eat turkey. How can we have Christmas if you don’t eat turkey? What’s wrong with turkey?

Tessa: You know I don’t eat turkey.

Rosie: Well I don’t really eat meat either. Except for turkey and lamb. I love lamb burgers. I don’t eat beef. Except sometimes Georgie makes something good on the BBQ.

Tessa: So really, you do eat meat.

Rosie: No, not really.  I can’t wait to see Deef. And you. It’s coming so soon I can’t believe it! I’ll have a martini when you come. Just one please.

Tessa: Okay mom. Love you.


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