Conversations with My Mother: I’m much younger than that 65 year old down the road

Tessa: Hey mom, How are you?

Rosie: Great.

Tessa: What’s up?

Rosie: I’ve been telling the world.

Tessa: Who? What?

Rosie: That you’re coming. I went to Loblaw’s told the girl there. Then to No Frills. Told them. Then my dentist.

Tessa: I didn’t know you had an appointment.

Rosie: I didn’t. I just went. We’re going to have a parade.

Tessa: Yeah, you and the Loblaws No Frills people.

Rosie: No really. I’m so excited. Jeanie asked me how old I was I was so crazy. So I told her 83. She said WOWEE. She’s only 65 and I look much, much younger than her.

Tessa: “much, much’ mom?

Rosie: She said it, not me. But she’s right. I look great. More wrinkles maybe but better.

Tessa: You didn’t say that to her though, right?

Rosie: No, but she’s very excited.

Tessa: She coming to your parade?

Rosie: No, she’s coming to YOUR parade.

Tessa:  I don’t even know her.

Rosie: Doesn’t matter. Can you believe she’s 65 and I’m so much younger.

Tessa: MOTHER.

Rosie: Well, it’s true.

Tessa: Bye mom.


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