Hemp hearts – you don’t smoke ’em ya eat them and they’re great.

So Dave came home with something the other day that turned out to be a fantastic discovery. Initially, of course, I was suspicious. Hemp hearts. Ahh huh. They taste good. Right, sure they do. They’re an excellent source of protein. Ya, whatever.  Anyways, I overcame my objections in my endless pursuit to find things I can actually eat, only to discover that hemp hearts taste great. They’re nutty tasting, you can put them on cereal, eat them straight up, throw them over salads, bake with them whatever.

I’ve been looking for new protein sources since discovering that perhaps some of  my stomach unhappiness might be caused by eating too much soy product. Since I don’t eat meat and unwillingly don’t eat much cheese, I’m dying to find a great source of protein that my stomach likes. And lo and behold, I did. I love this stuff.

One little warning though. Hemp hearts have a rather unique way of pushing everything through your system in a timely manner. It’s quite cleansing.


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One response to “Hemp hearts – you don’t smoke ’em ya eat them and they’re great.

  1. Janet

    In the seventies we called them “brownies.”

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