The comfort in snoring

Dave: Okay, I know I complained about Tessa snoring in an earlier post. And I still have that same chainsaw sleeping next to me… but now I can deal with it. We finally bought a new bed and tossed our lumpy, cauliflower padded, old one away.

We went to sleep country last week (Tessa still hasn’t stopped humming that stupid little sleep country tune) and were quickly shown to the most expensive bed on the planet. The nice lady said we of course didn’t have to buy that one… she just wanted us to try it out. So of course, every other bed we tried paled in comparison to the “ultra deluxe mega lovely cloud of comfort”….. being the shop-o-holics we are: we bought it.

So now I’m in even more of a conundrum; when Tessa wakes me with her power snoring, do I go to the couch (which used to be such a relief from the old bed and noise) or do I put up with Tessa’s massive air intake? (click hear for an example)

I’ve decided that comfort wins over sleep and have stayed through the nights since we’ve had our new bed. I was woken four times last night but was so comfortable I fell right back to sleep.

Now I have to work on the next problem; Tessa is a massive bed hog and likes to sleep in the very center of the bed. I usually have to sleep with one foot on the floor to keep me from being pushed totally from the bed.


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  1. Sam


    Here some tips to eliminate your snoring change your position during sleep is one of the possible answers to snoring, but the only one. Consider these helpful hints for a quite, restful night’s sleep.

    Sleep in a cool, well ventilates room. Research has shown that sleep is less disturbed at cooler temperature.

    Sleep on a firm mattress with a low pillow to keep your neck straight. Reducing obstruction in your airway

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