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The Fabulous Vegetarian Breakfast Burrito

On the whole, breakfasts are my most challenging meal. I’m often not hungry and I’m sick of all almost all combinations of eggs. Until I discovered the scrumptious breakfast burrito!

You can do this either the quick and dirty way which is to buy re-fried beans and salsa or you can make it all yourself. Personally I’m too tired to make it all myself so I buy everything and assemble.

Here goes:
Buy one can of refried beans, whatever brand catches your fancy.
Buy salsa, again, whatever brand you like.
Scramble up some eggs (4 for two people)
Grate some cheddar or Monterey Jack ( I use Goat Cheddar which is spectacular)
Warm up wheat or rice wraps.
Assemble with a little of everything.
Eat and enjoy.


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