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Saying Goodbye is Mission Impossible

Tessa: On Saturday I had the good fortune of having to go through a large obstacle course in order to leave a party at a friend’s house. When he discovered that I was planning on calling a cab two things happened: a) the telephone disappeared b) I was tackled to the ground where I had to swear Uncle that I wasn’t going to leave.  After playing this little game of lies and subterfuge I leapt up, sprinted through the kitchen and into the living room with J in tow, and screamed CELL PHONE.

One came flying my way and for the first time in my life I remembered a taxi number. I hastily dialed it while J yanked at the phone, I screamed the address in and waited. Dave came flying in behind J (I thought he was trying to rescue me but really I think he just likes playing chase). By the time the cab came Dave was wrestling J and I managed to sprint out the door and the down the steps into the cab. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get Dave out but with his shoes in hand, his jacket waving in the wind,  he flew down the stairs making his devilishly devious escape and I knew we were home free.

I breathlessly gave the cab driver our address and  sighed a deep breath of relief. Whew. Prior to our evenings out with our good friend we practice things we can say in order to make our departure a little less painful for him. Sometimes I say to Dave “Just tell him. Just tell him straight out we have to go. ” Other times we say we have to go home because of the dog. The dog can’t be alone. The dog needs us. We have to go. I’m running a race tomorrow. We have to go. Sometimes we plan on sneaking out but he has this way of knowing every time we’re even remotely thinking of leaving. This time we escaped with relatively minor wounds. Obviously it pays to watch Mission Impossible or we might never have gotten out of there. I’m beginning my ninja training in the New Year. Then we’ll see who wins this contest!


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