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People Saving Lions – Join the March in Your City Today – Rosemary Wright – A Beating Heart


Rosemary Wright has graciously allowed me to share this blog post from her wonderful animal advocacy blog A Beating Heart. Over 40 cities around the world are marching on March 15th to raise awareness and to advocate on the issue of ‘canned lion hunting’. This is a heinous practice in which lions are bred in captivity and then sold to trophy hunters to be killed in captivity. These animals are often tame and drugged. This practice is undermining the few remaining wild lions that are left. This industry is supported by tourists.

A big thanks to Rosemary for her dedicated advocacy of the world’s beautiful critters.

The Power Of Images Surpasses The Eloquence Of The Written Word

Why Participate In The International March For Lions?

The Power Of Images Surpasses The Eloquence Of The Written Word – when it comes to awakening the human heart and the global consciousness. There is no instrument more potent than images of the innocent victims. Trophy hunters are slaughtering lions in South Africa and this unwitting “marriage” of political corruption and the rich hunting lobby must be stopped.

Only a few truly wild lions are left and with 8000 beautiful lions warehoused in lion farms waiting to die – the time to act is now.  This haunting black and white sequence of photographs reminds us why we must stand up and take action before these majestc big cats slip into the mist of the past and become part of the legend of the African plains.

Thank you to Lisa  Ann Tekancic – a member of the Washington DC Lion March for this brillinat video. If these images do not touch your heart and inspire you to care – nothing will.

Ernie called you a wimp ...

Thank you to Chris Mercer – champion extraordinaire of lions – for your tireless work.

Thank you to the organizers – the voluteers and marchers in every city around the world who heeded the call to get involved and save the lions.

Lions belong to the wind – the rain – the sunshine – the stars at night and the dew in the soft morning light.

They are not ours to kill.



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